Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Intel Launches ‘Knights Landing’ Phi for Machine Learning, HPC

Intel Launches ‘Knights Landing’ Phi for Machine Learning, HPC

From ISC 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, Intel Corp. launched the second-generation Xeon Phi product family, code-named Knights Landing, ...

World’s First 1,000-Processor Chip Said to Show Promise Across Multiple Workloads

World’s First 1,000-Processor Chip Said to Show Promise Across Multiple W...

A blindingly fast microchip, the first to contain 1,000 independent processors and said to show promise for ...

HPE Debuts Manufacturing Solution and New Advanced Scale Software Environment

HPE Debuts Manufacturing Solution and New Advanced Scale Software Environme...

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), now about eight months into its transition as a separate entity, retained the ...

Baidu Researcher: Why Machine Learning is Advancing Rapidly

Baidu Researcher: Why Machine Learning is Advancing Rapidly

Note: This article originally appeared in our sister publication, HPCwire. Greg Diamos, senior researcher, Silicon Valley AI ...

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Amazon Web Services extended its cloud reach deeper into government IT infrastructure with an announcement this week that it has been certified to handle a larger share of federal workloads. The public cloud giant (NASDAQ: AMZN), which provides secure cloud services for the CIA and defense agencies, said Thursday (June 24) the U.S. region of its GovCloud platform has ... Full article
A respected datacenter survey of senior enterprise IT executives finds that half expect the majority of production workloads to reside in the cloud or colocation sites, a process that is expected to accelerate through 2020. According to the annual datacenter industry survey released Wednesday (June 22) by the Uptime Institute, 23 percent of those executives polled expected the shift ... Full article
As application containers scale in production, some early results are coming in about what can go wrong. Among the potential downsides of a micro-service architecture is what one observer ominously refers to as the "mushroom cloud effect." In a presentation this week at the DockerCon meet up in Seattle, a cloud and virtualization technologist appraised the state of container ... Full article
A vendor specializing in secure software-defined computing claims broad adoption of the emerging IT infrastructure platform in enterprise datacenters as more workloads ranging from routine functions to mission-critical tasks shift to public clouds. HyTrust Inc., which works with public companies and government agencies and is partially backed by the CIA's venture capital unit, reported in an industry survey that ... Full article
When I think about network downtime, many words come to mind. Among them: panic, fear, Armageddon. Perhaps that last one is a bit dramatic, but as IT functions and advanced scale combined with mission critical tasks driven by enterprise HPC technologies, such as real-time analytics, become increasingly important to business success, downtime is a critical problem. Especially as we ... Full article
Among the growing number of uses for machine learning-based analytics is providing insight into how the latest software release in a continuous delivery cycle affects overall IT operations. With that approach in mind, a software-as-a-service vendor has released an analytics platform for DevOps teams designed to provide greater visibility into the operational impact of continuous software delivery. Perspica Inc., ... Full article
The rapid emergence of Flash-based storage into the mainstream technology is a primary factor in the embrace of advanced scale computing in the enterprise – particularly big data analytics projects. That’s a key finding of a new survey of more than 1,000 IT managers worldwide from industry watcher 451 Research, which reported that enterprises are quickly transitioning to a ... Full article
Networking specialist Mellanox has announced ConnectX-5, the next-generation of its 100G InfiniBand and Ethernet adapter line. The company says the new device will help organizations take advantage of real-time data processing for high performance computing (HPC), data analytics, machine learning, national security and ‘Internet of Things’ applications. ConnectX-5 was designed to connect with any computing infrastructure – x86, Power, ... Full article
Persistent storage requirements have overtaken security as the top barrier to adoption of application containers in production, according to a new adoption survey. The container market adoption survey released Thursday (June 16) by data management software vendor ClusterHQ nevertheless found that container usage for production workloads jumped 96 percent over the last year. It also found that more than ... Full article
Everyone seemingly is complaining about the spread of ransomware, and now somebody is trying to do something about it using machine learning-based behavioral analytics techniques to track suspicious behavior on company networks. As the scale of the ransomware threat grows, including ransom payments by hospitals and universities and growing fears that it will soon spread to other sectors, a ... Full article
Today, the community of HPC-in-the-cloud solution providers is fairly limited for commercial organizations. Giant hyperscalers – notably Amazon (AWS), Google (GCP) and Microsoft (Azure) – remain at the core and keep expanding their HPC resources. Circling around them are HPC ‘services specialists’ plugging clients into cloud providers and striving to ease delivery of HPC-in-the-cloud to make good on the ... Full article
Bracket Computing, the hot, highly funded hybrid cloud security platform company, today announced extensions to its “Computing Cell” cloud workload protection platform, a container-like “bubble” that enables “fluid” data security stretching across multiple computing environments – be it on-prem, data center, private or public cloud. The company, formed in 2011 and a magnet for more than $130 million from ... Full article
Server software released this week by storage vendor Scality comes packaged in a Docker application container to speed deployment of cloud-native applications by eliminating the need to decide ahead of time where applications are deployed in production. That means applications developed on the company's S3 server can be deployed on-premises, on a public cloud, or both. The San Francisco-based ... Full article
Looking to bolster its network virtualization and security platform targeting software-defined datacenters, VMware said it is acquiring SDDC security and operations specialist Arkin Net to help extend its vRealize suite to handle applications across computing, storage and datacenter networks. VMware (NYSE: VMW), said Monday (June 13) the deal for Arkin Net, Santa Clara, Calif., is expected to close by ... Full article
Intelligent, often autonomous, systems are making headway in the datacenter as developers, struggling to keep up, seek to offload manual processes by adopting new approaches, such as prescriptive IT automation. That’s the conclusion of a vendor-backed survey of IT executives about the adoption of intelligent machines and systems based on new AI approaches and other expert systems. Still, the ... Full article
Software network virtualization specialist Midokura announced a $20.4 million funding round this week as uptake of its network virtualization platform gains momentum. The Series B funding round announced Wednesday (June 8) brings the networking startup's funding total to $44 million. Participating in the round were Japanese financial technology company Simplex Inc. along with existing investors Innovation Network Corporation of ... Full article
Application container leader Docker's strategic alliance with Hewlett Packard Enterprise will deliver a new class of server that bundles the Docker Engine platform used to build and run containers. The partners said the alliance seeks to accelerate the spread of cloud-native distributed applications across hybrid infrastructure. As server sales slow, market leader Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) and others ... Full article
Who crunches more data faster, wins. It’s this drive that cuts through and clarifies the essence of the evolutionary spirit in the computer industry, the dual desire to get to real time with bigger and bigger chunks of data. The locomotive: HPC technologies adapted to enterprise mission-critical data analytics. With its memory capacity of up to 24TB in an ... Full article
IBM upped its investment in Apache Spark this week via a cloud-based development platform that would expand data science and developer access to various flavors of Spark, including a machine-learning version. IBM (NYSE: IBM) said Tuesday (June 7) it is expanding access to the data analytics development tools available on its Bluemix cloud platform, giving data scientists working in ... Full article
Facebook is rolling out a "deep-learning based text understanding engine" that leverages neural network architectures and promises to challenge the Google search engine by bringing "near-human accuracy" to the process of sorting through the daily flood of social media posts on its web site. Facebook's (NASDAQ: FB) AI initiative called Deep Text announced in a blog post last week ... Full article

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