Inside Extreme Scale Tech|Sunday, August 2, 2015
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The State of Manufacturing: President Obama Addresses the Union 

Yesterday evening, President Obama gave his State of the Union Address. Not surprisingly, manufacturing got a lot of real estate in the speech.

Why is this?

Because American manufacturing is the golden key that is going to turn our economy around – and it has already begun.

The President noted that “American manufacturers are hiring again, creating jobs for the first time since the late 1990s”.

He pointed to the rebound of the American auto companies – their hard work, investment, retooling efforts and reorganization have made them stronger (and smarter) than ever. He touched on “re-shoring” instead of “off-shoring,” and rewarding the businesses that do so.  He asked us as a Nation to continue to place our best on American workers and American ingenuity.

At NCMS we have long asserted that manufacturing is a good place to invest, because we believe that the future of America is not made, it is manufactured. We applaud and support President Obama’s plans for American innovation, infrastructure and investment, and stand with him in making the United States THE place to make things, once again.

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