Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Friday, October 21, 2016
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Green Lite Motors Forges Ahead with Unique 100MPG Hybrid 

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="112" height="63" />A quick update from CEO Tim Miller – partnership with Autodesk revs up design process; latest prototype set for testing.

Last August we ran a story about an enthusiastic entrepreneur named Tim Miller, President and CEO of Green Lite Motors, and the company’s approach to developing unique urban transportation.

We wrote:  “It's not a car. It's not a motorcycle. It's something entirely new — a green machine that combines the best features of both. Green Lite Motors, located in one of the country's greenest cities, Portland, Ore., is a four-year-old startup in the process of creating a unique hybrid drive, two passenger, three-wheeled vehicle for use in and around large cities.”

Well Tim just sent us an update.  Read all about it below and check out the links.  Green Lite Motors is heading on down the road to success.


Progress continues at Green Lite Motors – with a bold new body design, folks from DC to PDX checking out our current prototype, and an all-new prototype platform nearing the test track.  Eye-candy and updates below!


Thanks to some great work by our designer, Sean Coleman, and our software partnership with Autodesk, our latest virtual model sports a dramatically refined look.  Here’s a quick virtual walk-around:


After hearing about Green Lite Motors, Senator Jeff Merkley decided to drop by and climb into our prototype.  Other VIPs included the President of the Oregon Institute of Technology and representatives from Green Lite Motors funders Oregon BEST and OTREC.  Here are some pics from our own staff photographer, Sage Miller:


We recently wrapped up our second year at the Portland Auto Show – featuring our quick-skinned prototype.  Word on the street is that over 100,000 people came through the show, and over 25,000 visited our area.  Big thanks to Drive Oregon, the state’s electric vehicle association, for organizing a great spot for us.


Our friends at OIT have been hard at work building the basis of our next prototype.  In a few short weeks we’ll be test driving a HYBRID MOTORCYLE based on our gas + electric design, packing a 650cc gas engine plus over 40 horses of electric power!  Then the refinement begins – getting the system optimized for 100MPG efficiency.


Commercial customers from delivery dudes to express couriers are seeing big potential in our vehicle.  With our 100MPG fuel efficiency, time savings from using express lanes, quick parking, and agility in dense traffic, our rig is a no brainer for companies with light service and delivery vehicles.  The math works out great – savings far outweighing the cost of leasing one of our vehicles – so we’re looking more and more at these customers as early adopters.  If you want to be sure we hold onto your 2013 unit instead of painting it up for Speedy’s Delivery Service, shoot me a note now!

Thanks for your continued support. 


Tim Miller, President and CEO, Green Lite Motors Corporation



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