Inside Extreme Scale Tech|Friday, July 31, 2015
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Video: Episode 1 – Meet the Missing Middle 

Since the creation of the Digital Manufacturing Report nearly a year ago, our mission has been to promote the adoption of advanced digital manufacturing technologies to help companies both large and small accelerate time to market, increase ROI, and achieve success in the global marketplace.

Numerous articles have been authored defining The Missing Middle, documenting the many challenges these small and medium sized manufactures face when attempting to adopt these technologies and some of the strategies being put forth to bridge this gap.

At NCMS we have been actively engaged with industry, government and academia all over our nation on this critical topic. As we have shared this message of opportunity, what has become clear is that if a picture may paint a thousand words a video can truly capture what success will look like for our country. So that is what we have done at NCMS.

Over the next three weeks we will be premiering a trilogy of two to three minute video clips that tells this story. The three clips in the trilogy are aptly titled “Meet the Missing Middle,” “We Do It In Digital,” and “Crunching Numbers.” Today we present the first of the videos.

“Meet the Missing Middle” is a review of what was discussed in articles that I wrote last June titled, “Hope for the Missing Middle” and that DMR editor John Kirkley addressed in his June 2011 article titled, “The Invisible Innovators.” Enjoy the video and come back next week when we premier the second clip titled, “Do It In Digital” where we outline the NCMS’ vision for a national solution to the documented challenges facing our nations manufacturers.


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