Inside Extreme Scale Tech|Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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Summer School: MOOCs for Technologists

Summer means the end of class for many youngsters, but it’s an ideal time for HPC and IT professionals to take advantage of free and low-cost online educational programs ...Full Article

Energy Exec: Cloud Services Not Like Datacenters

Simply eliminating the datacenter, embracing SaaS, and moving to cloud will not necessarily transform a company. That, at least, was the case for DrillingInfo, which morphed from an online ...Full Article

Scaled Storage Boosts Climate Modeling Efforts

Climate research projects based on big data analysis increasingly rely on big storage to track historical patterns and extrapolate future trends in a research area with countless variables. The ...Full Article

Spy Tools Come to the Cloud

Cloud computing is increasingly being used for intelligence-gathering and “threat analysis” as government vendors like Amazon Web Services join forces with analytics outfits that are meshing cognitive computing and ...Full Article

Juniper Networks Brings Computing Network Power to Wall St.

Juniper Networks today (April 6) unveiled an application acceleration switch and packet flow accelerator module designed to bring computing performance and customizable logic into the network to accelerate critical ...Full Article

U.S. Enlists Facebook Vet as IT Chief

Stung by a series of high-profile IT foul-ups related to implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the roll out of the web site, the Obama administration has ...Full Article

Cloud-Based GPU Accelerators Crunch Financials

Graphics accelerators have been used over the last several years as a complement to or replacement for standard CPUs. GPU leaders like Nvidia have pushed the trend, arguing that ...Full Article

Cloud, Storage Deals Likely in ’15

Look for technology merger and acquisition activity that surged last year to continue in 2015 as potential suitors in sectors like software, cloud computing and storage seek to acquire ...Full Article

Pentagon Refines Cloud Security Rules

The Defense Information Systems Agency released new cloud security guidelines this week aimed at establishing policies for adoption of commercial cloud services by the U.S. military. The security requirements ...Full Article

Federal IT Reform Bill Headed For Passage

Legislation that would speed consolidation the federal government’s more than 9,600 datacenters while centralizing the authority of agency chief information officers is expected to be approved by Congress this ...Full Article
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