Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Thursday, October 27, 2016
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VMs Still Have Legs, Survey Finds

VMs Still Have Legs, Survey Finds

Faster server provisioning and consolidation along with long-term cost savings remain the key benefits of virtualization, according ...

Fighting for the ‘Cool Kids’: OpenCAPI Takes on PCIe, Vows 10X Improvement

Fighting for the ‘Cool Kids’: OpenCAPI Takes on PCIe, Vows 10X Improvem...

With two major announcements this week, IBM continues to drive the build-out of its advanced scale ecosystem, ...

Move It: Gen-Z Consortium Vows New Semantic Fabric for Data Movement at Scale

Move It: Gen-Z Consortium Vows New Semantic Fabric for Data Movement at Sca...

Industry powerhouses have joined forces to address an issue that has confounded system architects since the advent ...

What I Saw at the Enterprise IT Revolution: Radical Analytics Chic

What I Saw at the Enterprise IT Revolution: Radical Analytics Chic

If "a revolution is an idea that has found its bayonets" (Napoleon) then data analytics is the ...


October 18, 2016(0)
Faster server provisioning and consolidation along with long-term cost savings remain the key benefits of virtualization, according to a new vendor survey, with virtual machines keeping pace with trendy application infrastructure such as Linux containers and hybrid cloud computing. In a survey of enterprise IT managers and system architects released on Monday (Oct. 17), open source software leader Red ... Full article
October 11, 2016(0)
Industry powerhouses have joined forces to address an issue that has confounded system architects since the advent of multi-core computing, one that has gained in urgency with the emergence of data analytics: the need to bring balance between processing power and data access. The Gen-Z Consortium has set out to create a scalable, open, high-performance semantic fabric interconnect aimed ... Full article
October 6, 2016(0)
Cloud services and data governance vendors are moving swiftly to comply with a new U.S.-European Union privacy regime that imposes stricter requirements on U.S. companies for protecting the personal data. As major cloud providers expand datacenter capacity in Europe to comply with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, other U.S. vendors are gaining certification from the U.S. Commerce Department to ... Full article
September 27, 2016(0)
The booming big data market along with growing demand for automated datacenter operations are spurring adoption of management and other services offered by software-defined datacenters, according to a new report that also forecasts a 32-percent annual growth rate for virtualized computing, networking and storage. In a report released this week, Allied Market Research pegs the software-defined datacenter market at ... Full article
September 14, 2016(0)
DataDirect Networks (DDN) today introduced a third member to its WOS object storage product line, the WOS 8460, aimed at active archive and collaboration use cases. Object storage, once mainly restricted to ‘cold’ archives for large quantities of unstructured data – think content delivery networks (CDN) used in conjunction with the web – has been slowly expanding its footprint ... Full article
September 13, 2016(0)
Already entrenched in the deep learning community for neural net training, Nvidia wants to secure its place as the go-to chipmaker for datacenter inferencing. At the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in Beijing today (Tuesday), Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled the latest additions to the Tesla line, Pascal-based P4 and P40 GPU accelerators, as well as new software all aimed at improving ... Full article
September 2, 2016(0)
Fans of “The Social Network,” a movie about the early days of Facebook, (and one that, last we heard, Mark Zuckerberg has never seen), will remember the scene when the Eduardo Saverin character intentionally closes a bank account with funds that keep Facebook online. The outraged Zuckerberg character tells him: “Okay, let me tell you the difference between Facebook ... Full article
August 3, 2016(1)
The data center has become associated with complexity as traditional storage is struggling to keep pace with workload demands. To address these challenges, industry experts anticipate Software Defined Storage (SDS) and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) will be significant areas for investment in 2016 and beyond as organizations seek to manage their rising storage and compute requirements, especially those hindered by a ... Full article
August 1, 2016(0)
In a bid to jumpstart what it calls a "Container 2.0" movement, application container pioneer Mesosphere announced partnerships with big data vendors designed to push distributed application technology to the next level. Mesosphere said Monday (Aug. 1) it is working with a trio of new partners to advance its datacenter operating center approach to container orchestration: DataStax, the Cassandra-based ... Full article
July 19, 2016(1)
Efforts to lock down security in datacenters continue to expand as operators seek to assure enterprise customers they can meet increasingly strict regulatory and other data governance rules even as operations are scaled. That requirement is generating interest among investors as security threats grow. Among the growing number of internal datacenter security specialists is Guardicore, which announced a $20 ... Full article
June 16, 2016(0)
The rapid emergence of Flash-based storage into the mainstream technology is a primary factor in the embrace of advanced scale computing in the enterprise – particularly big data analytics projects. That’s a key finding of a new survey of more than 1,000 IT managers worldwide from industry watcher 451 Research, which reported that enterprises are quickly transitioning to a ... Full article
June 13, 2016(0)
Looking to bolster its network virtualization and security platform targeting software-defined datacenters, VMware said it is acquiring SDDC security and operations specialist Arkin Net to help extend its vRealize suite to handle applications across computing, storage and datacenter networks. VMware (NYSE: VMW), said Monday (June 13) the deal for Arkin Net, Santa Clara, Calif., is expected to close by ... Full article
June 8, 2016(0)
Application container leader Docker's strategic alliance with Hewlett Packard Enterprise will deliver a new class of server that bundles the Docker Engine platform used to build and run containers. The partners said the alliance seeks to accelerate the spread of cloud-native distributed applications across hybrid infrastructure. As server sales slow, market leader Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) and others ... Full article
June 1, 2016(0)
The Mesosphere, the datacenter operating system ecosystem formed by the company of the same name, continues to expand with the addition of a scheduler designed to determine whether workloads run best on-premise or in the cloud along with new application container management software. Vapor IO and Rancher Labs both announced Wednesday (June 1) they would support the Mesos container ... Full article
May 24, 2016(0)
Looking to expand the market for its server and hyper-converged infrastructure offerings, Lenovo and virtualization and storage integration partner Nutanix rolled out a new series of appliances this week aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises. Lenovo (HKSE: 992) said Tuesday (May 24) its hyper-converged platform, dubbed the HX2000 series, incorporates the Nutanix Xpress software package designed to allow the ... Full article
May 19, 2016(0)
Chinese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn is among the early investors in the enterprise infrastructure platform developer DriveScale Inc. Emerging from stealth mode this week, DriveScale Inc. announced a $15 million Series A funding round while releasing a "rack-scale" platform targeting big data workloads. The architecture is designed to help datacenter operators run data analytics applications with 100 to 1,000-plus ... Full article
May 9, 2016(0)
The scrappy startup CoreOs appears to be the application container platform of choice for delivering Google-like cloud infrastructure to enterprises. San Francisco-based CoreOS, developer of an application container platform based on Google's Kubernetes container cluster manager and its own Linux stack, announced a $28 million funding round on Monday (May 9) led by GV, formerly Google Ventures. Existing investors ... Full article
May 6, 2016(0)
It's all coming together in the datacenter, according to a new industry forecast detailing what it calls hyperconverged integrated systems, or HCIS. Market research Gartner Inc. predicts the booming HCIS market will reach $5 billion by 2019, making it the fastest growing segment of the global market for integrated IT systems. That, the analyst adds, will make hyperconverged systems ... Full article
April 19, 2016(0)
The datacenter operating system movement continues to gather momentum with the announcement by Apache Mesos developer Mesosphere of a broad alliance backing the beta release of an all-encompassing platform for building and scaling enterprise applications. The new platform, dubbed DC/OS, is based on Mesosphere's datacenter operation system tool. The initial release of DC/OS announced on Tuesday (4/19) expands earlier ... Full article
April 7, 2016(0)
IT automation specialist Puppet Labs is expanding its operations, launching the latest version of its flagship platform and shortening its name: Puppet Labs is now known simply as Puppet. The privately held company this week announced the name change, a key executive hire, and a new version of its Puppet Enterprise platform designed to automate the delivery and updating ... Full article

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