Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Wednesday, June 29, 2016
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Intel Launches ‘Knights Landing’ Phi for Machine Learning, HPC

Intel Launches ‘Knights Landing’ Phi for Machine Learning, HPC

From ISC 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, Intel Corp. launched the second-generation Xeon Phi product family, code-named Knights Landing, ...

World’s First 1,000-Processor Chip Said to Show Promise Across Multiple Workloads

World’s First 1,000-Processor Chip Said to Show Promise Across Multiple W...

A blindingly fast microchip, the first to contain 1,000 independent processors and said to show promise for ...

HPE Debuts Manufacturing Solution and New Advanced Scale Software Environment

HPE Debuts Manufacturing Solution and New Advanced Scale Software Environme...

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), now about eight months into its transition as a separate entity, retained the ...

Baidu Researcher: Why Machine Learning is Advancing Rapidly

Baidu Researcher: Why Machine Learning is Advancing Rapidly

Note: This article originally appeared in our sister publication, HPCwire. Greg Diamos, senior researcher, Silicon Valley AI ...


June 16, 2016(0)
Networking specialist Mellanox has announced ConnectX-5, the next-generation of its 100G InfiniBand and Ethernet adapter line. The company says the new device will help organizations take advantage of real-time data processing for high performance computing (HPC), data analytics, machine learning, national security and ‘Internet of Things’ applications. ConnectX-5 was designed to connect with any computing infrastructure – x86, Power, ... Full article
June 7, 2016(0)
Who crunches more data faster, wins. It’s this drive that cuts through and clarifies the essence of the evolutionary spirit in the computer industry, the dual desire to get to real time with bigger and bigger chunks of data. The locomotive: HPC technologies adapted to enterprise mission-critical data analytics. With its memory capacity of up to 24TB in an ... Full article
June 6, 2016(0)
Facebook is rolling out a "deep-learning based text understanding engine" that leverages neural network architectures and promises to challenge the Google search engine by bringing "near-human accuracy" to the process of sorting through the daily flood of social media posts on its web site. Facebook's (NASDAQ: FB) AI initiative called Deep Text announced in a blog post last week ... Full article
June 2, 2016(0)
The global server market continued to slow during the first quarter of 2016 as revenues declined while shipments rose only modestly, indicating that average selling prices continue to slip. Meanwhile, hyper-scale datacenter deployments continue to spur modest increases in server shipments. Market tracker Gartner Inc. (NYSE: IT) reported on Thursday (June 2) that worldwide server revenues declined 2.3 percent ... Full article
June 1, 2016(0)
When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) there is one thing we can be sure of – the number of online products and consumer goods will increase exponentially as 2016 continues. According to Gartner Inc. forecasts, the number of new ‘things’ which will get connected every day in 2016 is 5.5 million – bringing the total number ... Full article
May 18, 2016(0)
MapR Technologies Inc. rolled out a migration service for its Hadoop distribution that targets what it says is growing demand for moving big data production installations to its converged data platform. San Jose-based MapR said this week its quick migration service continues to run an existing Hadoop distribution while transitioning users to its converged data platform. The migration service ... Full article
May 2, 2016(0)
The electrical grid, water, roads and bridges—the infrastructure we take for granted—is seldom noticed until it's unavailable. The burgeoning open source software movement is taking steps to help rebuild crumbling U.S. civil infrastructure while capitalizing on expansion in emerging markets by providing software building blocks to help develop interoperable and secure transportation, electric power, oil and gas as well ... Full article
April 21, 2016(0)
Since unveiling its Linux mainframe servers at last summer's LinuxCon conference, IBM has been adding more open-source distributions to its LinuxOne line of z Systems-based mainframes. This week it added the latest release of Canonical's Ubuntu platform that the partners said would help ease growing hybrid cloud deployments. Ubuntu joins a growing list of Linux distributions running on IBM ... Full article
April 19, 2016(0)
Intel took a major step yesterday in its transformation from a PC company to one focused on the data center, Internet of Things (IoT), and the cloud, announcing plans to cut approximately 12,000 jobs in a restructuring. The announcement coincided with release of Q1 results in which Intel had GAAP revenues of $13.7 billion and net income of $2.6 ... Full article
April 14, 2016(0)
Given the current state of the global energy sector—including the nation's largest coal mining company filing for bankruptcy protection this week—no current operator can afford to drill a dry well. Given the high stakes, the oil and gas industry is embracing new HPC techniques that now include information fusion and metadata analytics. Practitioners of these approaches speaking at the ... Full article
April 6, 2016(0)
OpenPOWER Foundation, the mostly IBM-driven effort to create an alternative architecture to Intel x86, took a major step forward today with the announcement of a joint effort by Google and Rackspace to co-develop an open data center server architecture design specification based on IBM’s new POWER9 CPU. Google said the server supports its work with the Facebook-led Open Compute ... Full article
April 1, 2016(1)
Canadian researchers scanning the universe to develop the most detailed map of our three dimensions ever observed are using AMD's GPU accelerator to crunch the celestial data. Based on internal benchmark testing, the chipmaker (NASDAQ:AMD) bills its FirePro S9300 x2 Server GPU as the world’s fastest single-precision GPU accelerator. It claims 13.9 teraflops of "peak single-precision" compute performance, according ... Full article
March 29, 2016(0)
IBM is expanding its embrace of Apache Spark with the release of a mainframe platform that would allow the emerging open-source analytics framework to run natively on the company's mainframe operating system. IBM (NYSE: IBM) said Tuesday (March 29) its z/OS platform for Apache Spark aims to make it easier to access and analyze data "in-place" via the company's ... Full article
February 26, 2016(0)
The point of operating a business is transactions. Hence, a new open source effort designed to create what amounts to an operating system for transactions has attracted major players from the financial and technology sectors. The Linux Foundation effort launched before the holidays is designed to harness block chain technology at the core of Bitcoin digital currency and optimize ... Full article
February 22, 2016(0)
Silicon vendors are joining forces with appliance, software and platform specialists in the latest effort to forge Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability specifications. The Open Connectivity Foundation unveiled late last week seeks to scale the emerging IoT ecosystem by including a broader array of device and equipment manufacturers. The goal is to create an open IoT interoperability spec that ... Full article
January 28, 2016(0)
If you’ve blown through the limitations of a cluster that can’t handle your modeling workloads, Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Titan system is the stuff dreams are made of. Number two on the Top500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, Titan is a Cray XK7 system equipped with tens of thousands of AMD Opteron CPUs and NVIDIA Kepler GPUs, ... Full article
January 21, 2016(2)
Just as we’re becoming acclimated to the brave new world of driverless cars, driverless tractors and other agricultural robots will, in the not too distant future, harvest the food we put on our kitchen tables. In fact, agricultural automation – in the form of driverless farm machinery, drone crop dusters, automated milking systems and other emerging technologies – offers ... Full article
January 19, 2016(0)
2016 promises to be pivotal in the IBM/OpenPOWER effort to claim a non-trivial chunk of the Intel-dominated high-end server landscape. Big Blue’s stated goal of 20-to-30 percent market share is huge. Intel currently enjoys 90-plus percent share and has seemed virtually unassailable. In an ironic twist of the old mantra ‘no one ever got fired for buying IBM’ it ... Full article
January 15, 2016(0)
Two thousand and fifteen was a banner year for technology mergers and acquisitions, and market watchers predict that trend will accelerate in 2016 as buyers look beyond consolidation to expansion as technologies converge. Driving the M&A frenzy is technology giants like Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) sitting on large piles of cash along with a steady stream ... Full article
January 14, 2016(0)
Perhaps not surprisingly hardware still accounts for the lion’s share (48%) of HPC budgets according to Intersect360 Research’s just released 2015 report – HPC Budget Allocation Map: HPC Budget Distribution. Server spending has been the top item the last five years, and edged up about two percent over 2014. Storage was second, again a repeat. More interesting is that ... Full article

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