Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Friday, February 12, 2016
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HPE to OEM SGI UV 8-Socket Technology for In-Memory Processing of Linux Workloads

HPE to OEM SGI UV 8-Socket Technology for In-Memory Processing of Linux Wor...

An 8-socket server with in-memory of 6TB for running enterprise decision support Linux supply chain, ERP and ...

Giving Businesses Access to the World’s No. 2 Supercomputer for ‘the Intractable Problem’

Giving Businesses Access to the World’s No. 2 Supercomputer for ‘the In...

If you’ve blown through the limitations of a cluster that can’t handle your modeling workloads, Oak Ridge ...

Driverless Tractors, Drone Crop Dusters, Automated Milking: Agriculture Called the ‘Most Attractive’ Robotics Market Opportunity

Driverless Tractors, Drone Crop Dusters, Automated Milking: Agriculture Cal...

Just as we’re becoming acclimated to the brave new world of driverless cars, driverless tractors and other ...

Tech M&A Frenzy Seen Accelerating in 2016

Tech M&A Frenzy Seen Accelerating in 2016

Two thousand and fifteen was a banner year for technology mergers and acquisitions, and market watchers predict ...


January 28, 2016(0)
If you’ve blown through the limitations of a cluster that can’t handle your modeling workloads, Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Titan system is the stuff dreams are made of. Number two on the Top500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, Titan is a Cray XK7 system equipped with tens of thousands of AMD Opteron CPUs and NVIDIA Kepler GPUs, ... Full article
January 21, 2016(2)
Just as we’re becoming acclimated to the brave new world of driverless cars, driverless tractors and other agricultural robots will, in the not too distant future, harvest the food we put on our kitchen tables. In fact, agricultural automation – in the form of driverless farm machinery, drone crop dusters, automated milking systems and other emerging technologies – offers ... Full article
January 19, 2016(0)
2016 promises to be pivotal in the IBM/OpenPOWER effort to claim a non-trivial chunk of the Intel-dominated high-end server landscape. Big Blue’s stated goal of 20-to-30 percent market share is huge. Intel currently enjoys 90-plus percent share and has seemed virtually unassailable. In an ironic twist of the old mantra ‘no one ever got fired for buying IBM’ it ... Full article
January 15, 2016(0)
Two thousand and fifteen was a banner year for technology mergers and acquisitions, and market watchers predict that trend will accelerate in 2016 as buyers look beyond consolidation to expansion as technologies converge. Driving the M&A frenzy is technology giants like Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) sitting on large piles of cash along with a steady stream ... Full article
January 14, 2016(0)
Perhaps not surprisingly hardware still accounts for the lion’s share (48%) of HPC budgets according to Intersect360 Research’s just released 2015 report – HPC Budget Allocation Map: HPC Budget Distribution. Server spending has been the top item the last five years, and edged up about two percent over 2014. Storage was second, again a repeat. More interesting is that ... Full article
January 13, 2016(0)
Intellectual property has become the coin of the realm for technology enterprises. Hence, companies like IBM and high-flying global competitors like Samsung tout their growing patent portfolios as market indicators of unrelenting innovation—and future technology licensing deals. About this time each year, IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) reminds us of its long run as the undisputed champion of U.S. patents. ... Full article
January 11, 2016(0)
The case is being made for applying big data technologies to the management of IT infrastructure, especially DevOps and cloud deployments. The concept, also known as "advanced operations analytics," is being used to boost service performance, improve security and elevate IT to the point where it becomes more than just a cost center in an enterprise. A 2014 survey ... Full article
January 8, 2016(0) crashed the semiconductor sector this week, announcing that its Annapurna Labs Inc. subsidiary would offer an ARM-based platform-on-a-chip targeting network-attached storage and networking applications. The new chips dubbed Alpine are based on 32-bit ARMv7 and 64-bit ARMv8 architectures. While the new chips are aimed primary at home gateways and Wi-Fi routers, the leading public cloud provider also said ... Full article
January 8, 2016(0)
We recently sat down with Fremont, Calif.-based Penguin Computing to learn about the Linux cluster specialist’s unique approach to the enterprise advanced scale computing, HPC and hyperscale markets, and how this privately owned company has managed to hold its own and then some against much larger competitors such as Dell and HP on the hardware side and Amazon on the public ... Full article
January 5, 2016(1)
Rambus Inc., the chip technology intellectual property vendor, is working with Microsoft Research on future memory requirements for quantum computing. Rambus (NASDAQ: RMBS), Sunnyvale, Calif., confirmed just before the holidays it is collaborating with the software giant (NASDAQ: MSFT) on memory systems for next-generation quantum computing. The promising but largely untested technology is slowly gaining traction as current computing ... Full article
November 23, 2015(0)
The Boeing Company has one of the largest corporate IT portfolios in the world, an organization comprised of some 7,500 people, most of them in the United States. Instrumental to product design at the company’s commercial, defense and R&D units is the Enterprise HPC Service. Developed in recent years, it’s a centralized advanced scale computing capability and a resource ... Full article
November 23, 2015(1)
The churn of technology fuels industry consolidation, an inexorable process that includes individual companies as well as industry groups tasked with driving technical standards. The latest example comes from the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) launched last year to jumpstart interoperability standards for the Internet of Things (IoT). The group said Monday (Nov. 23) it would acquire most of the ... Full article
November 19, 2015(0)
The rising chorus heard at SC15 this week, particularly from server vendors, is that the enterprise sector presents the strongest area of market growth. This trend contributed to the overall HPC server market’s growth of nearly 12 percent to $11.4 by the end of 2015, according to industry watcher IDC, presented at its annual breakfast here at SC15. This ... Full article
November 18, 2015(0)
SC15 is starting to feel like EnterpriseHPC15. The big systems and chip makers all seem to be publicly pivoting towards the enterprise. Yesterday it was Dell’s turn declaring its intention to democratize HPC and accelerate mainstream adoption. Dell, which bills itself as the lone desktop-to-petaflops company now that HP has split up, is rolling out what it calls engineered ... Full article
November 17, 2015(0)
Two U.S. tech giants with strategies in place to attack the nascent Internet of Thing market said they are joining forces to forge open standards while moving computing power closer to the sensors and other devices at the edge of IoT networks. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (NASDAQ: HPE) and chipmaker Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) said Tuesday (Nov. 17) they would collaborate ... Full article
November 17, 2015(0)
It was a celebratory review of the HPC industry’s achievements to date, a look at the industry’s evolution from its roots in scientific research to providing tools for business insight, and a philosophical discussion of “recursion” – innovation in HPC propelled by machine learning – delivered by Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Data Center ... Full article
November 16, 2015(0)
A European-led initiative will seek to overcome I/O bottlenecks for HPC workloads resulting from too many processors communicating with slow disk storage. The project also would leverage Intel Corp.'s new 3D memory technology unveiled earlier this year. The NextGenIO project announced on Monday (Nov. 16) is led by the EPCC (formally the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center) at the University ... Full article
November 16, 2015(0)
At SC15 today, IBM provided a glimpse of its broadening vision for accelerator-assisted computing on Monday (Nov. 16) with announcements at the SC15 conference around Watson, a strategic alliance with FPGA specialist Xilinx, an expanded developer outreach via the SuperVessel program, and new efforts to accelerate the datacenter and a wide variety of applications used in both HPC and ... Full article
November 4, 2015(0)
Perhaps self-evident but among the benefits flowing from National Strategic Computing Initiative discussions are clarification of specific obstacles in the path to exascale and the forcing of specific choices to take to advance extreme scale computing. Doug Burger, director of hardware and devices at Microsoft Research (NASDAQ: MSFT), contributed an insightful blog with his takeaways from the NSCI Workshop ... Full article
November 2, 2015(0)
Hewlett-Packard, HP, the iconic company often credited with laying the foundation for Silicon Valley and, with it, an unprecedented burst of technological creativity, attempts to reinvent itself beginning today as HPE, or Hewlett Packard Enterprise. As with many technology giants currently struggling to evolve, HP moved last year to transform itself by announcing it would split itself in two: ... Full article

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