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Cloud Foundry Adds CumuLogic Database Service Broker 

The Cloud Foundry Foundation's ecosystem continues to expand with the addition of a database service broker that would help bolster the cloud initiative's backend data services.

CumuLogic, a private database-as-a-service (DBaaS) vendor, said it is releasing a technical preview of its database service broker that would allow Cloud Foundry users to obtain production-ready database services for applications running in private, public, and hybrid clouds.

The connector would allow Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service (PaaS) customers to use a variety of private cloud technologies, CumuLogic claimed.

Database engines supported by CumuLogic's database service broker include Couchbase, MongoDB, MySQL, and Percona. The service broker allows platform administrators to define service subscription configurations for each of these database engines. That flexibility would extend from single-node database services to advanced replication topologies. A Cloud Foundry administrator could then roll out new service options to developers once subscription options are created.


CumuLogic said its database service broker is also intended to boost developer productivity by help Cloud Foundry application developers speed up the provisioning of production-ready databases. The platform is designed to manage thousands of databases that perform ongoing maintenance such as executing point-in-time recovery tasks and scheduled database backups.

Chip Childers, vice president for product strategy at CumuLogic, said in a statement that the combination of its DBaaS orchestration software and Cloud Foundry's PaaS development tools would help speed the deployment of applications.

The company also argues that stand-alone public cloud database platforms fall short of enterprise application needs. Since database deployment is heavily dependent on considerations like data governance, an equivalent level of service is required for local application deployments. Hence, CumuLogic said its service leverages Cloud Foundry's leading position as a platform cloud.

The Silicon Valley company also claims to be the first DBaaS vendor to place its platform inside a firewall.

The addition of CumuLogics' database service comes as the Cloud Foundry Foundation gathers momentum and ramps up its open-source PaaS offerings for enterprise computing. James Watters of Pivotal Software, the enterprise PaaS vendor coordinating Cloud Foundry's transition to a foundation, said in a statement that CumuLogic's contribution to the initiative would help provide Cloud Foundry users with production-quality backend data services within private clouds.

Pivotal recently announced that the Cloud Foundry Foundation's membership nearly double with the addition of eight new members. The Foundation is expected to be formally launched in the fall of 2014.

CumuLogic, which bills itself as multiple database engine on-premise DBaaS vendor, said it is offering the database service broker to its platform users as an open source project on GitHub. It is licensed through the Apache Software License version 2, the company added, noting that there are "some limitations" for open source users.

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