Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Tintri Unveils VMstore T800 Series and OS 3.1 

Tintri today announced the availability of the Tintri VMstore T800 series and Tintri OS 3.1. The new models support the highest VM densities in the industry. Expanded capabilities of the Tintri OS include integration with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) for automated disaster recovery, SecureVM for data at rest encryption and REST API SDK for workflow automation and ecosystem integration.

The Tintri VMstore T800 series includes three VMstore models – T880, T850 and T820. With native VM-level data management across multi-hypervisors, the VMstore T800 Series platforms are ideal for virtualized environments and private cloud deployments with hundreds or thousands of virtual machines. The VMstore T880 is capable of supporting up to 3500 VMs, 100TB of effective capacity and up to 140,000 IOPS in a single 4U system. Using Tintri Global Center, customers can scale their environments up to 35,000 virtual machines, 1 PB of usable capacity and up to 1.4 million IOPS in a single 42U rack to achieve unparalleled density and reduce data center operating costs substantially.

“Performance is now table stakes. Speed is a commodity that rarely addresses the root cause of storage pain,” said Ken Klein, CEO and Chairman at Tintri. “With the T800 series, we take our challenge to traditional storage to a new level —what can you do in 4U? The T800 series has the brawn to handle very large scale deployments and the brains to offer VM-level visibility, control, automation and analytics. Who wouldn’t like having the job done in one-quarter of the rack space of traditional storage? Tintri approaches storage differently—not only in product capabilities, but also in design and UI—to produce a completely different customer experience.”

“Envision is a long-time Tintri customer—their innovations have redefined our approach to storage. The T880 is no exception. My team is blown away by its density and performance,” said Jeff Wilhelm, CTO of Envision Technology Advisors. “Tintri relieves us of the burdens of over-provisioning and over-managing our storage, letting us focus on what matters to our users—applications. We’ve built a cloud environment using their products so our customers can enjoy the same performance improvements we’ve seen with Tintri.”

The Tintri OS is the industry’s first and only hypervisor-agnostic application-aware storage operating system. Key capabilities of the new Tintri OS 3.1 include:

  • Integration with VMware vCenter SRM for automating Disaster Recovery (DR)

With Tintri ReplicateVM software, enabling VM-level replication for data protection is as simple as checking a box. Restoring from replicated copies with Tintri takes just a few mouse clicks and is as easy as restoring from a local copy. ReplicateVM natively integrates with VMware SRM bringing the simplicity and efficiency of Tintri per-VM replication to SRM. Unlike the SRM integration of traditional storage systems, Tintri’s SRM integration dramatically simplifies replication configuration for DR workflows, reduces WAN bandwidth utilization by up to 95 percent and leverages Tintri per-VM clones for non-disruptive DR testing and for planned and unplanned failovers.

  • SecureVM for Encryption

The T800 series protects data at rest by leveraging on-drive encryption capabilities of SSDs and HDDs. With the optional SecureVM software, administrators can further protect data on Tintri VMstore systems with AES256 encryption to meet the regulatory requirements or industry standards and to supplement physical security at on-premise and off-premise data centers. SecureVM leverages hardware encryption on the self-encrypting drives so that there is no performance impact.

  • REST API SDK for Workflow Automation

Tintri Automation Toolkit allows end-to-end automation from the VM directly to storage through both PowerShell and REST APIs. Administrators can leverage the power of Tintri’s VM-level awareness and data management to automate various workflows without having to know the esoteric configuration of underlying storage artifacts. Virtual infrastructure and storage speak the same language – VMs – for management and monitoring.

“Tintri's Automation Toolkit packs quite a punch! Through the use of pre-defined PowerShell Cmdlets we were swiftly and easily able to identify VMs across multiple VM stores that needed optimization,” said Geoff Grice, Head of IT at CMC Coal Marketing Ltd. “In particular, manual snapshot sprawl can eat up valuable resources and potentially reduce the effectiveness of the system investment. The Tintri Automation Toolkit made identification and deletion of manual snapshots a breeze - we cleaned up in two countries simultaneously with the push of one button.”

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