Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Video: An Eye on the Coming Multi-Architecture HPC Landscape 

Nimbix is a public cloud services provider with a twist: the Richardson, TX, company offers HPC capabilities in the cloud. It’s also a company that embraces a vision of a diversified processor architectural landscape of the future according to job requirements – a processor for every workload and a workload for every processor.

We sat down with Nimbix CEO Steve Hebert at SC16 last month to talk about how customers, most of which are in the commercial sector, use the company’s array of advanced scale capabilities and work with Nimbix to ease the adoption process.

“We show them there’s a path to solving these problems in the cloud, at reasonable cost, so then the decision is whether to build vs buy, bring it in-house or use an as-a-service,” Hebert said.

He also discussed implementation strategies with some organization to sample alternative HPC technologies while others adopt Nimbix as their cloud platform.

But mostly, Hebert is interested in pioneering the adoption of novel architectures, using cloud supercomputing for training algorithms in big data environments.

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