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ScaleOut Software, Crossvale Unite for Operational Intelligence Solutions 

BELLEVUE, Wash., and DALLAS, April 20, 2017 -- ScaleOut Software, a provider of in-memory computing software, and Crossvale, an international IT professional services firm, today announced a go-to-market partnership to build and distribute operational intelligence solutions. The offerings serve the needs of customers within various industry verticals, including financial services, Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunications, and e-commerce, among others. Operational intelligence (OI), deemed the next generation of business intelligence, helps businesses discover immediate, actionable insights within live systems to capture perishable business opportunities. Crossvale's Operational Intelligence Solutions, powered by ScaleOut Software, leverage ScaleOut's in-memory data grid (IMDG) technology and include reusable frameworks to fit any business type and size, dashboards to visualize operational insights, and alerts to proactively capture real-time business opportunities.

The opportunity and customer demand for OI and real-time data analytics is on the rise. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics will nearly double by 2020 — from $130.1 billion in 2016 to more than $203 billion. Banking, manufacturing, utilities, professional services, telecommunications and commerce will be among the biggest drivers. These industries require significant scalability and performance to store, manage and analyze large, fast-changing datasets from online systems, which are integrated directly into, for example, manufacturing lines, IoT telemetry streams, and e-commerce web sites. Operational intelligence moves beyond real-time analytics and gives these systems the ability to take action in real time as opportunities or threats present themselves.

To meet the need for operational intelligence, ScaleOut's IMDGs with integrated computing technology offer fast, scalable and highly available data storage and analysis with low latency processing. With this global partnership, ScaleOut Software and Crossvale are positioning themselves to take advantage of the growing need for in-memory computing, a market currently estimated by Gartner to exceed $15 billion by 2021. Jointly they will deliver operational intelligence solutions to a whole swath of vertical industries, domestic and abroad.

"Businesses need insight within minutes or seconds, not hours and days, to better serve customers and capitalize on opportunities in today's fast-paced, data-driven economy. Operational intelligence has the potential to transform live systems in many applications and offer an important, new competitive edge for businesses," said Dr. William Bain, founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software. "Crossvale will help us further globalize our efforts and provide extensive expertise in helping customers deploy our in-memory computing technology in their mission-critical systems."

"The age of data stream processing and analytics has introduced great benefits to businesses, like being able to monitor operations for a wind turbine and receive alerts when maintenance or problems are on the horizon. Insights like these require a powerful technology," said Conor Brankin, CEO of Crossvale. "ScaleOut Software's in-memory technology is the engine for our Operational Intelligence Solutions, and together we are delivering a powerful and easy-to-use solution for companies looking to maximize their data insights."

Through this partnership Crossvale will offer ScaleOut's entire portfolio of products, including ScaleOut StateServer®, ScaleOut ComputeServer®, ScaleOut hServer® and ScaleOut GeoServer®, along with additional dashboard and alert features, and expertise to implement the technology. Crossvale has already developed multiple applications of in-memory computing technology, including Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled digital twins for elevators and field-service management of wind turbines. These examples demonstrate how machine learning algorithms and in-memory data grids can be used to increase efficiencies and mitigate risk within seconds, thereby preventing potentially disastrous consequences.

About ScaleOut Software, Inc.
ScaleOut Software develops leading-edge software that delivers scalable, highly-available in-memory computing technology to a wide range of industries. ScaleOut Software's in-memory computing platform enables operational intelligence by storing, updating, and analyzing fast-changing data so that businesses can capture perishable opportunities before the moment is lost. The company was founded by Dr. William L. Bain, whose previous company, Valence Research, developed and distributed web load-balancing software and was acquired by Microsoft Corporation. ScaleOut Software is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with offices in Beaverton, Oregon and Denver, Colorado. For more information, please visit and follow ScaleOut Software on Twitter at @scaleout_inc.

About Crossvale, Inc.
Crossvale, Inc. is a consulting company that provides technical expertise, solutions and platforms to fix business challenges related to, and affected by, IT infrastructure and its associated processes. Crossvale provides complete, tailored integration, process optimization and intelligent business operations solutions to varying sizes of businesses—offering technical excellence and applying leading-edge technologies in different environments. Founded in 2001, Crossvale is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has offices in Ireland and Saudi Arabia. For more information, please visit and follow Crossvale on Twitter at @crossvale.

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