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RackWare Introduces Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management Suite 

FREMONT, Calif., May 18, 2017 -- RackWare, a key enabler for the enterprise’s move to cloud adoption, announced today a new product suite that expands upon its RMM platform for cloud migration and data protection. The Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management Suite extends the image management, mobility, and data protection capabilities of the newly released RMM 6.0 platform and provides enterprises with a single solution to move, protect, and manage their business in the cloud. According to IDC’s latest CloudView study, over 70% of heavy cloud users are considering a hybrid cloud strategy. The new product suite solves several key challenges facing enterprise customers: how to move and manage complex and legacy applications to the cloud, how to provide true application mobility across the hybrid cloud environment, and how to control and reduce cloud and IT costs.

Prior to RackWare, enterprises were burdened with multiple tools to handle specific needs around migration, disaster recovery, backup, and application management. Those tools also tended to be specific for physical or virtual environments, thus further adding to the complexity of managing workloads in the data center. RackWare RMM 6.0, featuring the Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management Suite, solves these challenges by providing a single platform that handles physical and virtual applications, regardless of hypervisors, cloud providers, or location in the hybrid cloud environment.

“Our core vision is enabling hybrid cloud adoption for the enterprise,” said Sash Sunkara, founder and CEO of RackWare. “RackWare RMM 6.0 solves some of the most challenging problems facing cloud computing. From a single platform, physical and virtual applications can be cloud enabled, protected in the cloud, and cost effectively managed in the cloud. With RMM 6.0, IT departments can now reduce the number of solutions they need to protect, manage, and migrate their hybrid cloud workloads. More importantly, we deliver cost savings around 50% to 60% over traditional approaches and reduce time and complexity 20-fold.”

The RackWare RMM 6.0 platform enables economical cloud computing for enterprises by providing administrative oversight and governance, including policy based usage limits, auditing, metering, billing, and reporting. For cloud users, it delivers a self-service portal for managing, testing, developing, and distributing golden templates, enabling organizations to manage applications efficiently and flexibly in the hybrid cloud.

Application mobility is a serious challenge for enterprise managers. Virtualized applications in homogeneous hypervisor environments have achieved better mobility, but cross hypervisor mobility and applications on bare metal continue to be a big challenge. Complexity of the application further exacerbates this mobility challenge. Clustered applications such as those on Oracle Real Application Clusters and Network Attached Storage, as well as those on tiered and legacy systems, can’t be handled by point products and require costly rearchitecting to achieve any degree of mobility. RMM 6.0 with Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management removes the shackles from virtually any application, providing mobility in an automated, cost effective manner that reduces time, resources, and risk.

Cost management is another impediment facing IT organizations, yet data centers are becoming more and more costly in both operating and capital expenses. RackWare provides intelligence by allowing application workloads to be properly provisioned and deployed in hybrid clouds, while balancing performance and cost. The AutoParking and AutoScaling policies in RMM 6.0 ensure that cloud resources are only consumed based on the performance profile. RackWare policies and automation simplify and reduce costs during migration to the cloud, as well as provide data protection and application management in the cloud.

“The market is full of point products that provide limited functionality,” said Edwin Yuen, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “RackWare is not one of them. RackWare’s cost-effective hybrid cloud management platform covers a broad set of technologies for the enterprise data center. RMM 6.0 offers an intuitive approach to application management, and provides IT departments with even greater functionality for leveraging private, public and hybrid cloud environments.”

About RackWare

RackWare brings intelligence and automation to the cloud, providing greater availability for enterprises, greater flexibility for enterprise IT users, and reduced costs for enterprise IT providers. Computing resources—physical, virtual, and cloud machines—can be easily and automatically scaled up or down as demand fluctuates. On average, RackWare customers realize a cost savings of 40 to 50 percent, while getting the highest performance and availability out of their cloud. RackWare was founded in 2009 and is based in Fremont, California.

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