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Netcope Releases New 200G Programmable Smart NIC 

CZECH REPUBLIC, Prague, ​July 13,​ 2017 -- Netcope Technologies, a company specializing in development and distribution of high-speed network solutions, has announced release of a new product from their NFB product line. The new NFB-200G2QL is a smart network interface card (smart NIC) ready to process packets at 200 Gbps speed.

The new network card is powered by the latest Xilinx FPGA chip Virtex UltraScale+, a high performance device that unlocks the card’s capability of transferring 200 Gbps of data to software at wire speed, with zero packet loss. It can effectively distribute traffic to two CPUs in dual-CPU system, bypassing QPI often considered as a bottleneck. It connects to one or two gen 3x16 PCI-E slots. Last but not least, it comes in a low profile design, so it fits into smaller servers.

OEM manufacturers of security solutions, communication service providers, pioneers of the NFV industry or even traders on electronic exchanges can benefit from this dramatic improvement of bandwidth and processing power on the hardware part of Netcope’s solution, which is packet processing acceleration on the fastest network. In essence, Netcope’s solutions are comprised of hardware and firmware parts that work together as a point of contact between the network and server’s CPUs, where they preprocess the traffic in order to save valuable CPU cycles and total cost of ownership of the final product.

“​The new low profile card leverages higher density of computing resources and thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies it reduces overall power consumption of our customers’ solution.” ​says Viktor Puš, CTO of Netcope. “​The programmability of packet processing in P4, or using C language for description of low latency trading strategies, helps engineers integrate this new powerful card into their solution without the need of extensive knowledge of FPGA technology.” ​he adds.

About Netcope

Netcope Technologies is a leading manufacturer and provider of high-performance network solutions. We excel in packet capture and packet processing technologies and low-latency trading solutions. Our focus is on delivering state-of-the-art solutions for high-speed and low-latency networks. Our products are deployed world-wide. The Netcope Technologies portfolio covers the whole field of products for the hardware acceleration of network traffic processing using FPGA technology. These products are ideal for all OEM vendors, R&D customers and end customers to build, develop and deploy hardware-accelerated solutions. The use of our network adapters with advanced features enables our customers and partners to gain a competitive advantage in the world of high-speed and low-latency networks.

Source: Netcope

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