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Flash Memory Summit 2017: Liqid Partners with One Stop Systems 

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 9, 2017 -- Liqid Inc., leading provider of on-demand composable infrastructure (CI) technologies, today announced it will showcase its Composable Infrastructure (CI) solution at Flash Memory Summit 2017, demonstrating bare-metal CI paired with the Express Box 3600/3450 (EB3600/EB3450), the leading PCIe-based Multi-GPU PCIe Gen 3 Expansion Chassis series from One Stop Systems (OSS). Delivering the unprecedented ability to pool and orchestrate graphics processing alongside storage, networking, and compute, the demo shows how Liqid CI enables users to dynamically leverage multiple NVIDIA GPUs aggregated on the EB-series across the application spectrum, balancing the resource alongside solid state and other datacenter elements. The infrastructure agility achieved through the first-of-its-kind configuration can scale graphics processing to meet the emerging demands of data-hungry applications in fields as diverse as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), high performance computing (HPC), digital media and entertainment, and much more.

“The Express Box PCIe expansion chassis series from OSS provides the industry’s most sophisticated vessel for aggregating NVIDIA’s powerful GPU resources to deliver breakthrough computational capabilities,” said Steve Cooper, CEO, OSS. “When coupled with innovative CI solutions from Liqid, the value inherent to the EB-series can be amplified through Liqid’s pooling, orchestration, and scaling features to drive improvements in application performance and take greater advantage of GPU technology’s transformative potential.”

The Express Box series of PCIe expansion chassis provides independent PCIe slot subsystems that can be managed separately by different hosts. The EB-series permits IT administrators to aggregate graphics processing resources for workloads that require more GPU processing power than can be produced through installation in existing PCIe slots on servers and workstations. The EB-series is ideal for emerging applications in artificial intelligence and other high density GPU applications that demand mission-critical features.

At Flash Memory Summit, Liqid and OSS will showcase how their solutions can be jointly deployed to scale-out GPU over a composable PCIe fabric, with Liqid CI providing unprecedented infrastructure agility through its ability to pool, scale and orchestrate graphics processing alongside the latest solid-state technologies and other datacenter resources. The live product demonstration will feature the OSS EB-series GPU expansion chassis loaded with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, and deployed on the Liqid Grid Composable PCIe Fabric Switch, demonstrating dynamic GPU assignment over a high performance PCIe fabric.

With the Liqid CI Platform built on disaggregated resource pools, users are finally freed from the restrictions of the motherboard/chassis paradigm that has remained one of the final and most stubborn physical limitations of the digital world. Liqid CI software allows IT users to orchestrate resources as needed and instantly reallocate physical resources as business needs change.

“Through partnerships with industry-leading companies like OSS, Liqid continues to demonstrate how increasingly critical GPU resources can be more effectively deployed alongside flash media and other datacenter elements to achieve exponential advancements in infrastructure agility and utilization,” said Jay Breakstone, CEO, Liqid. “With a new generation of technologies quickly steering us into the next decade of innovation, our composability solutions can be configured to scale for graphically intensive compute applications such as genetic mapping, oil and gas research, or machine learning algorithms, providing the infrastructure flexibility necessary for continued advancement in a wide variety of fields.”

About Liqid

Liqid delivers unprecedented infrastructure agility, marking the next evolution in data center technology. As a global leader in composable infrastructure (CI), Liqid’s open platform allows users, either manually or through policy-based automation, to effortlessly manage and configure “physical,” bare-metal server systems in seconds. Liqid’s software and hardware work in harmony allowing users, for the first time, to configure their physical server infrastructure on-the-fly. In this way, Liqid enables organizations to adapt to technological and business changes in real time and fully maximize opportunities in today's digital economy. For more information, contact the Liqid team at or visit Follow Liqid on TwitterLinkedIn and Google+.

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