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Ryft Speeds Up AWS Search Using EC2 F1 Instance 

ROCKVILLE, Md.Sept. 13, 2017 -- Ryft, a leader in the acceleration of business analytics powered by cloud, hybrid and on-premises platforms, announced it is now providing Amazon Web Services' customers smarter, faster data search and analysis capabilities with push-button ease of use on the Amazon F1 FPGA-accelerated instance. Now available on the AWS Marketplace, Ryft's offerings give users the never-before-possible abilities to perform full PCRE2 Regular Expression searching on both pre- and post-index files and near-instant fuzzy search and matching on indexed and unindexed data, with a broader range of fuzzy search criteria.

Harnessing the power of FPGA-accelerated compute in the AWS cloud

While organizations have made do with limited features and performance for business-critical analytics functions, these restrictions are increasingly detrimental to their ability to derive fast, actionable insights. Ryft's technology on the Amazon F1 instance powers the next generation of tools that organizations need in order to analyze and understand all their data immediately, with no delay and no boundaries defined by analytics platform limitations.

Today, Ryft released two Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that deploy Ryft services on Amazon infrastructure:

1)      Toolkit Powered by Ryft's Heterogeneous Computing: Ryft's developer toolkit enables users to instantly — and without a steep learning curve — integrate smarter, more sophisticated search and analysis capabilities into existing data analytics interfaces and/or applications. Toolkit powered by Ryft increases the speed and quality of analytics insights by:

  • Seamlessly integrating with current analytics environment via a series of APIs and connectors — including programmatic interfaces, command line, RESTful JSON, ODBC/JDBC and more — to access the powerful FPGA-enabled data analysis functions needed for faster insights and smarter business decisions.
  • Getting more accurate and actionable insights with significantly enhanced PCRE2 Regular Expression capabilities as well as fuzzy Hamming and Levenshtein (Edit Distance) search on both structured and unstructured data.
  • Turning big data into small data by analyzing and thinning data in near real time with no data indexing, transformation or curation requirements.

2)      Elasticsearch Powered by Ryft's Heterogeneous Computing: Ryft's Elasticsearch takes the widely-used Lucene-based search engine and supercharges performance with expanded Regular Expression and fuzzy search capabilities. Elasticsearch Powered by Ryft enables users to gain immediate insights on both pre- and post-indexed data by:

  • Enhancing Regular Expression capabilities with full PCRE2 searching in near real time.
  • Increasing the power of edit distance with user selectable changes to large (>2) distance requests for Fuzzy Hamming and Levenshtein searches.
  • Speeding search and analysis across unstructured data and JSON, XML, LOGs, CSV, TSV and other files with no data transformation requirements.
  • Augmenting wildcard searches to include leading wildcard characters.

"Ryft on the Amazon F1 is making the powerful performance of FPGAs available and easy-to-use for everyone by providing significant performance and feature improvements to today's most popular analytics platforms," said Des Wilson, CEO of Ryft. "And with Ryft's library of connectors and open APIs that eliminate the need for FPGA-specific programming knowledge, Amazon's customers can instantly and easily benefit from the vast advantages FPGA-accelerated computing has to offer."

Getting started with Ryft on the AWS cloud

Getting started with Ryft on the AWS F1 instance is easy. Simply go to the AWS Marketplace and search for "Ryft" to spin up the AWS F1 instance with Ryft to accelerate and enhance data analytics. For more information, or to discuss a free evaluation of the Ryft technology, please visit

About Ryft

Ryft unlocks the power of FPGAs for fast, simple high-performance data analytics in cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. Without requiring specialized programming skills, Ryft's platform works seamlessly with your data ecosystem to supercharge business analytics application performance by eliminating data indexing and transformation latency. Today, industry leaders rely on Ryft to deliver fast and actionable insights from all their data.

Source: Ryft

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