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vScaler Publishes Introduction to OpenStack Book 

LONDON, Oct. 9, 2017 -- Following the release of their all flash private cloud appliance, vScaler has published ‘OpenStack for Dummies’ in collaboration with the Wiley Publishing group.

vScaler provides a cloud platform that enables users to implement a secure, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure, enhancing transformation and creating operational efficiency and true business benefit. The vScaler cloud platform is powered by OpenStack, a leading open source IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider, which powers many of the worlds most notable science and research organisations. Finance, government, broadcast and media, scientific research, oil and gas, manufacturing and bioinformatics are simply a few of the verticals that can leverage vScaler’s platform and services. In contrast with other IaaS-only platforms, vScaler works with clients to optimize their infrastructure (hardware and network) to allow their desired applications to run successfully in a cloud environment.

OpenStack is recognised as a technology that is incredibly capable but also incredibly complex, and this complexity increases the barriers to a more widespread adoption. vScaler makes OpenStack more accessible to people who wouldn’t necessarily have the in-house skills required to manage a complex OpenStack framework.

Architecting and building your cloud is not a trivial endeavour. There are many important considerations you need to be aware of when you’re embarking on cloud development. This book provides insights into these important considerations and, most importantly, gives you a detailed description of building your cloud with OpenStack.

Download your free copy now, and register your interest for  access to the vScaler cloud platform.


About vScaler

The vScaler cloud platform is powered by OpenStack; a leading open source IaaS provider, which powers many of the world’s most notable science and research organisations. We deliver vScaler in a fully integrated and finely-tuned appliance that takes the deployment complexity out of an OpenStack installation. Be ready to run production applications within just 30 minutes of installation.

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