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Information Builders Launches Information Builders’ Accelerators 

NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2017 -- Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, today announced the launch of Information Builders’ Accelerators, a set of pre-configured analytical capabilities designed to reduce the time to value of WebFOCUS implementations. Drawing on Information Builders’ deep domain expertise across industries and thousands of customer implementations, the vertical-specific Accelerators empower knowledge workers to analyze data for answers to questions around an essential use case or scenario.

Information Builders’ WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform is designed to enable all user groups, regardless of their degree of technical savvy, to execute smarter decisions from trusted data. The company takes these benefits a step further, providing non-technical employees, partners, and customers with interactive analytical content such as data visualizations, graphs, and reports. With the launch of WebFOCUS Accelerators, Information Builders is further strengthening its self-service capabilities by packaging Accelerators with the platform and enabling companies to lessen the time to value of their BI and analytics investments.

The Accelerators are built on Information Builders’ deep vertical expertise, providing the data management, integration, and analytics necessary to explore data and answer common industry questions. For example, allowing a bank executive to analyze trends within individual product lines or branch production or giving law enforcement officials access to data to identify potential risk areas. The Accelerators integrate seamlessly with the broader WebFOCUS platform, making it easy for companies to scale their implementations as their BI and analytics programs mature. Information Builders is launching the following four Accelerators initially, with more planned for later in the year:

  • Financial Services: Accelerator for Credit Union Operations – With pre-built content including an executive dashboard and a report generator for non-technical users to create their own reports, the Accelerator provides executives and operations managers with key metrics to determine the health of the institution and trends within member, branch, and lending performance
  • Law Enforcement: Accelerator for Officer Analytics – The Accelerator helps agencies identify key trends and various risk factors through a variety of predefined content that allows officials to understand the dynamics and relationships between diverse data points
  • Healthcare: Accelerator for Ambulatory Operations – Providing insight into key areas of operational metrics such as visit productivity, patient condition categorization, and no shows, the Accelerator gives physicians and practice managers a quick view into the health of the practice
  • Insurance: Accelerator for P&C Executive Insights – The Accelerator enables P&C leaders to better manage their business and drive results by providing data-backed insights for better alignment of strategy, activity, and results across internal functions, lines, external channels, and risk partners.

Gerald Cohen, president and CEO, Information Builders, said, “As a result of our long-standing engagements with customers from a variety of verticals, we’ve identified some valuable use cases for BI and analytics in these respective industries. With Information Builders’ Accelerators offering, we’re providing customers with out-of-the-box WebFOCUS functionality to immediately derive data-backed insights into these chief challenges. The technology enables non-technical user communities from numerous sectors to make more informed and efficient decisions that drive the business forward and lay the framework for further BI and analytics success.”

About Information Builders

Information Builders provides solutions for business intelligence (BI), analytics, data integration, and data quality that help drive performance improvements, innovation, and value. Through one set of powerful products, we enable organizations to serve everyone – analysts, non-technical users, even partners, customers, and citizens – with better data and analytics. Our dedication to customer success is unmatched with thousands of organizations relying on us as their trusted partner. Founded in 1975, Information Builders is headquartered in New York, NY, with global offices, and remains one of the largest independent, privately held companies in the industry. 

Source: Information Builders

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