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Premio Announces Support for AMD’s EPYC Series Processors 

GREATER LOS ANGELES, Calif., Nov. 2, 2017 -- Premio has officially launched its next line of server and storage solutions that is compatible with AMD’s EPYC Series Processors, codenamed Naples. With up to 32 high performance cores, Premio looks to expand on bringing more choices for customers and deliver better storage solutions for big data applications and innovative IT trends such as artificial intelligence, high performance computing and software defined storage.

EPYC processors will be compatible with all of Premio’s high performance storage lines: Flachestreams (All Flash solution), Durastreams (High Availability solution), Omnistreams (General Purpose solution), and ScaleStreams (High-Density solution). As a single socket CPU instead of a dual socket, EPYC looks to provide lower power consumption versus other storage solutions, which translates to lower operating costs. Combined with Premio’s off-the-shelf components, robust balanced architecture, patented tool-less/tray-less design, and hot-swappable redundant components, help much needed applications reduce bottlenecks and minimize cost of maintenance.

“The partnership between Premio and AMD is truly tremendous. With the new AMD EPYC processor, we are able to extend the capabilities and performance of our servers,” says Andy Lee, Product Manager. “AMD EPYC unleashed much needed I/O for storage up to 128 lanes of PCIe Gen3, high core count CPU up to 32 cores per CPU, and memory up to 32 DIMM slots. These features allow us to have creative and innovative designs to fully optimize the hardware to meet customer workloads even with single CPUs, whereas in the past, was not possible.”

Now with the added benefits from AMD’s EPYC processor, Premio looks to the future to deliver the best top of the line server solutions for the best price. Our flagship products FlacheStreams, DuraStreams, OmniStreams, and ScaleStreams are built with state of the art chassis designs that help CDNs and data centers easily switch and upgrade to the newest available processor. Premio continues to strive to “make it possible” by offering the best server and storage solutions for our customers with guaranteed reduced downtime and reduced cost of ownership.

About Premio, Inc. 

Premio, Inc. is an industry-leading service provider for ODM/OEM computing technology. The firm goes to extraordinary lengths to solve the most formidable challenges faced by its customers. Premio does it by becoming more than just a partner to clients. Instead, Premio is determined to serve as its clients’ ‘inside outsource’ — an extension of an organization’s business, work culture, manufacturing processes and operations, modulating its solutions to answer special needs through speed, agility and precision. With state-of-the-art facilities in North America and Asia, Premio, Inc. partners with some of the world’s leading technology companies, including Intel, Microsoft, and Dell.

Source: Premio, Inc. 

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