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Ryft Adds Former Cisco Executive Patrick McCarthy as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing 

ROCKVILLE, Md.Nov. 9, 2017 -- Ryft, the provider of heterogenous compute technology for accelerating business analytics powered by cloud, hybrid and on-premises platforms, announced today that sales and marketing industry veteran Patrick McCarthy has joined the company as the Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

Previously serving as Cisco's Senior Operations Director for New Business Models and Revenue Streams, McCarthy brings to Ryft more than 30 years of experience growing and leading sales and marketing organizations to deliver leading-edge IT solutions to today's largest global enterprises. McCarthy is now responsible for scaling and driving Ryft's sales and marketing efforts to gain market share within enterprises, service providers and government organizations.

"With Patrick on board, we are poised to significantly expand our reach within organizations needing better insights from their data," said Ryft CEO Des Wilson. "Enterprises are challenged with easily getting insights out of their massive data volumes, and Ryft is the solution to get needed analytics via fast, simple heterogeneous computing with zero learning curve. Patrick's proven background understanding customers' needs and revenue potentials, as well as helping them harness new technologies to realize those outcomes, makes him an integral element in accelerating Ryft's growth.

"Ryft, which recently launched multiple cloud-based data analytics platforms on the Amazon Web Services marketplace, provides smarter, faster and more sophisticated data analytics by eliminating organizational reliance on costly and lengthy data preparation processes, including transformation and indexing. Ryft makes FPGAs simple to use with no specialized knowledge required by tightly coupling industry-standard software interfaces/APIs with accelerated primitives for real-time analytics performance.

"Ryft is perfectly primed for a market that needs more and better insights from growing data stores in what are often hybrid infrastructures," said McCarthy. "Ryft's ability to deliver flexible heterogeneous compute technologies that simply and rapidly deliver the analytics and insights users need, without forcing dramatic infrastructure changes or requiring specialized knowledge, is crucial for customers. I look forward to driving the sales and marketing team growth that will enable Ryft to capitalize on this immense market opportunity."

About Ryft

Ryft unlocks the power of FPGAs for fast, simple high-performance data analytics in cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. Without requiring specialized programming skills, Ryft's platform works seamlessly with your data ecosystem to supercharge business analytics application performance by eliminating data indexing and transformation latency. Today, industry leaders rely on Ryft to deliver fast and actionable insights from all their data.

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