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Secdo Integrates with RSA NetWitness Suite 

NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2017 – Secdo, a pioneer in automated endpoint security and incident response technology, today announced that the Secdo platform is now integrated with RSA NetWitness software. The integration automates the investigation process by combining both network and endpoint data to create a complete picture of the attack, dramatically increasing return on investment in people and technology involved in alert triage and incident response.

When the Secdo Platform receives a security alert from the RSA NetWitness software, it immediately correlates the information provided with the industry’s most comprehensive array of forensic data to provide the full context behind each alert. With a single click, customers have immediate access to everything they need to triage an attack – exposing the full attack campaign across all involved endpoints, identifying the source, root cause, scope of involvement, behavioral characteristics and a damage assessment. With Secdo’s surgical response capabilities, security teams can then instantly terminate the attack, minimizing exposure on all affected systems, and apply the information gathered to detect future variations - all without impacting business productivity.

“Accurate security decisions can only be made when the full extent of a threat is understood and Secdo provides this information in seconds,” said Shai Morag, CEO and co-founder of Secdo. “The interoperability of network visibility and event prioritization provided by the RSA NetWitness software and Secdo Platform creates efficiencies within security teams that allows all security alerts to be investigated without reliance on months of configuration. This is unheard of in the industry today.”

About Secdo

Secdo has delivered the only endpoint security platform to automate the entire incident response process, from revealing the root cause of every security alert to surgical remediation, cutting the time it takes to discover and respond to security alerts down to seconds. With new found productivity, security teams leverage Secdo’s unrivalled thread-level visibility to hunt for internal or external threats missed by prevention technologies, transforming the security work flow from reactive to proactive. Secdo is headquartered in New York, NY, with teams around the world.

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