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RAIDIX 4.6 Ensures Data Integrity on Power Down 

Jan. 16, 2018 -- Data storage vendor RAIDIX launches a new edition of the software-defined storage technology – RAIDIX 4.6. The RAIDIX volume management software powers commodity hardware to create fault-tolerant high-performance data storage systems for data-intensive applications. Building on in-house RAID algorithms, advanced data reconstruction and smart QoS, RAIDIX enables peak GB/s and IOPS in Media & Entertainment, HPC, CCTV, and Enterprise with minimal hardware overheads.

RAIDIX 4.5 (shipped in October 2017) focused on hybrid storage performance, efficient SSD caching and virtualization of siloed SAN storage devices. Ver. 4.5 further improved multi-thread data processing and employed proprietary intelligent algorithms to avoid redundant write levels. Adding to the previous major edition, RAIDIX 4.6 enables the use of NVDIMM-N, ensures support for new 100Gbit adapters and brings along more features and improvements.

In version 4.6, the RAIDIX R&D implemented write-back cache protection leveraging non-volatile dual in-line memory (NVDIMM-N). RAIDIX-based systems prevent data loss in case of power down or other failures on the node. Unlike hardware controllers, NVDIMM does not require battery replacement, and data storage built on non-volatile memory does not require a second controller to ensure reliability. NVDIMM-powered solutions also reveal higher performance whereas guaranteed cache synchronization in the dual controller mode leads to inevitable latencies. Thus, the implemented protection mechanism puts together high write speeds with caching and the reliability of synchronous write.

Enhancing the interoperability matrix, RAIDIX 4.6 includes the ability to connect to a Linux client through the high-speed InfiniBand Mellanox ConnectX-4 100Gbit interfaces. This results in accelerated performance in Big Data, HPC and corporate environments – as well as minimal available latencies. On the ease-of-use front, RAIDIX 4.6 encompasses a host of interface tweaks for better control and manageability.

Established in 2009, RAIDIX is an SDS vendor that empowers system integrators and end customers to design and operate high-performance and cost-effective data storage systems. Flexible RAIDIX configurations ranging from entry-level systems up to multi-petabyte clusters are employed by the global partner network in 35 countries. IT solution providers utilize RAIDIX as the key component in turnkey projects or deliver industry-tailored appliances powered by RAIDIX.


RAIDIX ( is a leading solution provider and developer of high-performance data storage systems. The company’s strategic value builds on patented erasure coding methods and innovative technology designed by the in-house research laboratory. The RAIDIX Global Partner Network encompasses system integrators, storage vendors and IT solution providers offering RAIDIX-powered products for professional and enterprise use.

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