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Tabor Communications Acquires HPC for Wall Street Conference & Tradeshow 

NEW YORK, March 5, 2018 -- Flagg Management, Inc., owners of the HPC for Wall Street conference and tradeshow (www.flaggmgmt/hpc), has announced the sale of their HPC for Wall Street event to Tabor Communications, Inc., (TCI). Following the acquisition, TCI and BluSky Consulting, LLC have formed a partnership to own and operate the event. Terms of the acquisition were not released.

Over the past 15 years, HPC for Wall Street has established itself as the leading IT event covering Advanced Scale, HPC technologies for the financial services segment.

"Attendees of HPC for Wall Street experience first hand the latest technologies that are transforming the financial services industry while engaging with speakers from major organizations and vendor providers," said Russell Flagg, president of Flagg Management. “Tom Tabor and I have been in discussions regarding the acquisition for some time and are thrilled to announce its formulation. And with the addition of BluSky, HPC on Wall Street will further integrate with and benefit the Wall Street community”

One of the first steps under the terms of the sale will be to rebrand from HPC for Wall Street to HPC on Wall Street. Additionally, the event will be consolidated from two events per year (one in April and a second in September) to a single U.S. event per year, which will be held in the Fall aligning with financial services budget planning for the coming year.

The 2018 HPC on Wall Street event is scheduled for Thursday, September 13, at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.

“Today’s financial services market is rapidly changing and the partnership between Tabor’s publications portfolio, in conjunction with BluSky’s financial services expertise and Flagg’s 15-year history as producers of the only HPC for Wall Street event, provides the perfect partnership to create the ideal forum for Wall Street executives to meet, share and keep current with the innovations and strategies that will prove transformative,” said Tom Tabor, CEO and founder of Tabor Communications.

HPCwire, a Tabor Communications publication with a 30-year legacy in high performance computing, has been a media partner of HPC for Wall Street from day one, and we look forward to this ownership position in the event and having an active role in honoring its tremendous legacy while shaping its future.”

As a key component of the new TCI-BluSky partnership for this event; Jem Pagán, principle of BluSky, will assume the role of General Chair of HPC on Wall Street. With over 27 years of hands on engagement in IT for financial services and other market verticals, and active memberships in the leading, exclusive, invitation-only Financial Services IT associations, Pagán will assemble an advisory committee of senior Wall Street IT executives and formulate a leadership team that will focus on innovative trends for the ever demanding innovation needs of the financial services industry.

"HPC on Wall Street 2018 will provide a refreshing new look at the Capital Markets today, as well as provide a fresh takeaway of how financial services executives can leverage this innovation to exceed their organizations’ expectations,” said Pagán. “Attendees will exit our conference with the leading strategies to compete in today’s markets, and with be equipped with a keen sense of where the next wave of new technology is headed and how they can leverage this innovation to their organization’s advantage."

Key coverage topics that are critical to financial services IT include; AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, High Performance Computing (HPC), Blockchain, Security & Fraud Detection, Cloud, Trading Platforms, Algorithmic Programming, Data Governance and much more to establish HPC on Wall Street as the definitive event covering advanced scale technologies for the financial services sector.

Speakers and attendees will include, C-level executives, managing directors, project executives and vendor technologists from across the financial markets sector.

About Tabor Communications

Tabor Communications Inc. (TCI) is a media, events and services company dedicated to advanced-scale computing. As publisher of a complete advanced scale computing portfolio that includes HPCwireDatanamiEnterpriseTech, HPCwire Japan and the Advanced Scale Forum, TCI is the market leader in covering emerging technologies within the high-tech industry, and a services company providing events and audience insights for companies engaged in advanced computing in enterprise, government, and research. More information can be found at

About BluSky

BluSky Securities LLC provides customized services for assisting global organizations and businesses in assessing and integrating forward-looking innovations in the digital transformation age. Our combined 50 years of experience provides our clients with the ability to map the adoption of forward-looking innovation while leveraging their existing IT investments. BluSky accomplishes this by providing research, trusted advisor services, investment strategies, and technical implementation services to maximize the return on invested capital for our clients. BluSky understands the full ecosystem of business strategy, technology adoption and go-to-market execution and presents these strategies in a comprehensive road map for our clients in the global market.

About Flagg Management, Inc.

Flagg Management, Inc. (FMI) is a New York event management corporation focused on Wall Street and the Capital Markets, providing high level financial technology conferences and expositions. These national FinTech conferences have continued to assemble top executives from major financial organizations together with vendor technologists from leading FinTech providers. Russell Flagg, president of FMI is a key player in providing the innovative programming for the ever-changing financial investment marketplace.

Source: Tabor Communications, Inc.

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