Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Sunday, February 25, 2018
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George Leopold

George Leopold has written about science and technology for more than 30 years, focusing on electronics and aerospace technology. He previously served as executive editor of Electronic Engineering Times. Leopold is the author of "Calculated Risk: The Supersonic Life and Times of Gus Grissom" (Purdue University Press, 2016).

Amazon’s Diversified Patent Portfolio Expanding

February 22nd, 2018 (0)
Amazon has long eschewed profits, preferring instead to plow capital expenditures into product innovation in sectors ranging from online retail to cloud computing. That aggressive strategy has made it a dominant online retailer and, according to at least one ...

AI ‘Dual Use’ Poses New Security Threats

February 21st, 2018 (0)
While the genie may already be out of the bottle, the rapid growth and broad availability of AI and machine learning technology along with a growing list of development tools is prompting critics to highlight future security concerns and ...

IoT Gets a Security Upgrade

February 21st, 2018 (0)
Processor specialist Arm is extending its push into the Internet of Things security market with a device authentication effort based on the cellular technology mainstay, the SIM card. Meanwhile, a batch of IoT device certification and network gateways also ...

Crypto-Miners’ Latest Target: Containers

February 16th, 2018 (0)
The crypto-currency mining craze has now extended from hijacking supercomputers and public computing resources to include application containers, according to a security vendor. Researchers at Aqua Security said this week they followed up on what was described as widespread ...

Cloud-Native Group Promotes Rules for Serverless Computing

February 14th, 2018 (0)
Serverless computing, a cloud framework in which a host provider allocates resources as needed rather than charging upfront for dedicated capacity, is emerging as a viable enterprise option for cloud-native workloads. A white paper on serverless technology released this ...

Arm Launches ML Processors for Edge Devices

February 13th, 2018 (0)
Arm Ltd., the U.K. chip intellectual property vendor, is rolling out a machine learning platform designed to boost the functionality of devices at the network edge, beginning with an object detection capability. Arm, which is focusing heavily on Internet ...

Oracle Expands Cloud Regions, Automates Services

February 12th, 2018 (0)
Cloud contender Oracle Corp. is expanding its infrastructure with plans to open a dozen new datacenter regions along with new database and other automated services for handling artificial intelligence and blockchain workloads. Oracle announced the datacenter expansion at a ...

Blockchain Startups Seek to Speed AI Development

February 9th, 2018 (0)
Among the approaches to ramping up AI innovation is applying blockchain technology as a new kind of marketplace to help open-source developers find AI building blocks that can be quickly implemented. In turn, the digital ledger technology can be ...

Startup Brings HPC Containers to the Enterprise

February 8th, 2018 (0)
The driving force behind Singularity, the popular HPC container technology, is bringing the open source platform to the enterprise with the launch of a new venture, Sylabs Inc., which emerged this week from stealth mode. Sylabs CEO Gregory Kurtzer, ...

Chip Market Soared on Memory Demand

February 7th, 2018 (0)
Global spending on semiconductors jumped a hefty 17 percent in 2017, driven by demand and corresponding price hikes for memory in datacenters and early industrial deployments of the Internet of Things. While memory prices and demand are expected to ...
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