Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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An Introduction to Smart Grid Systems

Modernized electrical grids, or smart grids, are quickly moving from a futuristic notion to infrastructure we use every day. But as more utilities hop aboard the smart grid train, ...Full Article

Funneling Big Data through the Grid

As we push our power grid harder with every passing year, our grid’s infrastructure—its backbone—remains a relic of decades past, with many transformers dating back to the 1970’s. To ...Full Article

IBM Offers Weather Analytics for Wind and Solar

Hoping to improve the reliability of renewable energy resources and ultimately reduce carbon emissions, IBM is bringing its power and weather modeling technology to the energy sector. “The solution ...Full Article

Pantex Turns to Data Virtualization for Nuclear Security

Pantex Plant, the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) facility where nuclear weapons are dismantled or modified for the Department of Defense, has developed a new program designed to secure ...Full Article

Dell CTO And Fellow Talk Enterprise Tech Convergence

Dell is no stranger to the enterprise data centers of the world and it is the dominant supplier of systems to hyperscale data center operators. The company also has ...Full Article

Hadoop Speed Up From Lustre Will Attract Enterprises

Intel wants Hadoop analytics and the Lustre high-performance file system to work well together for enterprises. The idea is to ease the integration woes of customers who run both ...Full Article
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