Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Monday, February 19, 2018
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Life Sciences

IBM Puffs Up Platform Symphony, LSF On SoftLayer Cloud

IBM entered 2014 hitting the cloud drum hard. Taking a page from tech titans like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services, Big Blue wants to make it as simple ...Full Article

Micron Pushes Memory Roadmap On Several Routes

Memory maker Micron Technology has a bullish roadmap for DRAM, flash, and other technologies that will very likely be in a system, switch, or other device near you in ...Full Article

How Branched Out And Embraced Scale is dedicated to discovering, preserving, and sharing family histories, and it knows all about the issues of scaling up IT operations to match a growing number of users. ...Full Article

Ohio Healthcare Hotshots Join Hands for Medical Research

Hoping to make the most of growing data volumes, three of Cleveland’s biomedical giants—Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University’s medical school—have joined forces in the name ...Full Article

British Pharmaceutical Industry Maps Its Way to Big Data

Thanks to issues ranging from proprietary data silos to patient privacy concerns, imbuing the healthcare industry with a knowledge gained from a country’s worth of patient medical history via ...Full Article

IU Startup Breaks Down Data Silos for Drug Discovery

If you happen to examine a list of possible side effects for any given medication, it’s plain to see that for every advancement pharmaceutical science, knowing exactly how a ...Full Article

Virtual Centipede Brings Meaning to Sequencing

In 1735, Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus defined what would become part of biology’s foundation by defining taxonomic descriptions that would help scientists tell species apart. Now, a new study ...Full Article

Baylor’s HGSC, DNAnexus Collaborate for Large-Scale Genome Analysis

The Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) at Baylor College of Medicine and DNAnexus are coming together to analyze genomic data on a large scale. In doing so, Baylor has ...Full Article

Nutonian Derives Laws of Physics for Life Sciences

On Wednesay, Cambridge startup Nutonian (pronounced “Newtonian”) announced that it’s raised $4 million with the help of Atlas Venture to build its own analytics platform to unlock the “laws ...Full Article

Cloud Vendor Veeva Goes Public for Life Sciences

Despite uncertainty that has surrounded scientific research after the government shutdown, cloud computing company Veeva Systems went public last week and has declared that its focus will lie on ...Full Article
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