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We often hear that online retail is among the business sectors furthest along on its digital transformation ...

Google, VMware Partner on Hybrid Cloud Tools

Google, VMware Partner on Hybrid Cloud Tools

Google and VMware are collaborating on a new cloud plug-in connecting a pair of VMware tools designed ...

Data Security In the News: The Weight of GDPR, Widespread Retail Breaches, Cloud Worries, More Venture Investment

Data Security In the News: The Weight of GDPR, Widespread Retail Breaches, ...

News on the data security front has intensified of late, including new survey results indicating prevalent security ...

Google Banks on Kubernetes in Cloud Wars

Google Banks on Kubernetes in Cloud Wars

Google continues to extend the reach of its cloud platform with a new feature that allows cloud ...


July 20, 2018(0)
We often hear that online retail is among the business sectors furthest along on its digital transformation and AI journeys. is a case in point. The giant (2017 revenue: $1.75 billion) internet retailer, known mostly for furniture and home décor, has built out a digitized ecommerce environment that captures and analyzes the behavior of millions of monthly visitors ... Full article
July 20, 2018(0)
Google and VMware are collaborating on a new cloud plug-in connecting a pair of VMware tools designed to enable provisioning of virtual machines and storage on the search giant’s cloud. The partners this week released a preview version of a Google cloud plug-in for VMware’s vRealize orchestrator and support for the public cloud on the VMware’s platform for automated ... Full article
July 18, 2018(0)
News on the data security front has intensified of late, including new survey results indicating prevalent security breaches in the vulnerable retail industry, escalating cloud-based security fears, significant contract wins for security technology vendors and continued venture investment in security start-ups, beginning with yesterday’s announcement from ObserveIT that the insider threat specialist has garnered $33 million in Series B ... Full article
July 18, 2018(0)
Google continues to extend the reach of its cloud platform with a new feature that allows cloud customers to deploy commercial and open source applications ranging from databases and machine learning to analytics and big data via its in-house cluster orchestration engine. The search giant said it would offer “production-ready” commercial applications on the Google Cloud platform that are ... Full article
July 17, 2018(0)
An effort to promote balanced licensing rules for open source software is gaining momentum with the addition of 14 new companies adopting guidelines designed primarily to reduce compliance errors. Open source leader Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) announced Monday (July 16) that Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Intel Corp.(NASDAQ: INTC) and a dozen other companies have signed onto a General Public License (GPL) Cooperation ... Full article
July 16, 2018(0)
As enterprises shift from the “waterfall” software development model to agile microservices architectures, integrators are offering new frameworks for easing the transition. Among them is WSO2, the open source integration vendor that this week released the latest version of its platform designed to hasten the implementation of microservices used to roll out distributed applications. On the premise that microservices ... Full article
July 12, 2018(0)
You’re an accomplished IT manager in financial services, retail or other data-intensive organization, and you preside over an insanely complex IT system, one that handles millions of roboticized transactions per hour, that sprawls globally from on-prem to the cloud to the edge, a system with containers that live and die in a heartbeat, that generates hundreds of events every ... Full article
July 10, 2018(0)
IBM today announced a new all flash-based entry to its storage products portfolio, a fusion of high performance storage technologies that the company said combines low latency IBM FlashCore technology integrated with multi-cloud software-defined IBM Spectrum Storage solutions. The NVMe-optimized all-flash arrays come in two models – FlashSystem 9110 and FlashSystem 9150 – in 2U enclosures that include dual ... Full article
July 9, 2018(0)
Today’s engineers use Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software to solve a range of engineering problems associated with the mass production of products. Yet, many know first-hand that single licenses of advanced CAE multi-physics solvers can easily run in the tens of thousands or even up to a hundred thousand dollars per license, per year. On top of licenses is ... Full article
July 5, 2018(0)
Intel Corp. is teaming with Chinese e-commerce giant Baidu on a batch of AI projects spanning FPGA-backed workload acceleration, a deep learning framework based on Xeon scalable processors and implementation of a vision processing unit for retail applications. The collaboration was announced during Baidu’s AI developers’ conference in Beijing this week. As more cloud vendors look to accelerate machine ... Full article
July 3, 2018(0)
Twenty-two months after completing its $67 billion megadeal to ingest EMC Corp., Dell Technologies has again gone public with the issuance of a publicly traded tracking stock and the buyout of earlier investors in the EMC deal. The complex transaction allows founder Michael Dell and financial partner Silver Lake to maintain majority control of the IT giant. Michael Dell ... Full article
June 28, 2018(0)
HPC in the cloud is one of those “insanely great” ideas that, failing to fire, year after year recedes before our expectations. Until, that is, last year, according to industry watcher Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360, which he said was a “break-out year” for HPC in the cloud. At Intersect360's annual HPC market update at ISC18 in Frankfurt yesterday, ... Full article
June 27, 2018(0)
The IT industry continues to coalesce around the de facto standard cluster and container orchestrator called Kubernetes. With an upgraded version of the cloud service expected to be released this week, key players such as VMware are embracing Kubernetes as application containers go mainstream. In the much anticipated run-up to the second Kubernetes upgrade so far this year, VMware ... Full article
June 26, 2018(0)
In its drive to accelerate supercomputing and AI development via GPUs, Nvidia said this week it is expanding the number of application containers available on its GPU cloud. The expansion seeks to combine cloud-based GPU processing with agile deployment of distributed applications on shared systems, the company noted in a blog post announcing nine new HPC containers. The GPU specialist ... Full article
June 22, 2018(0)
Amid a flurry of cloud and networking initiatives announced by Hewlett Packard Enterprise was a commitment to invest $4 billion over the next four years to develop new technologies and services that would connect soaring data volumes at the network edge to “any cloud.” The company (NYSE: HPE) unveiled its “intelligent edge” initiative during a company event this week ... Full article
June 21, 2018(0)
HPE’s ambitious quest to overturn classical computing’s architectural conventions and processor-centric norms, in place for more than 60 years, with what the company calls Memory-Driven Computing (MDC) has taken further steps toward maturation. HPE MDC research and development has been conducted by HPE Labs under the rubric called “The Machine,” a multi-year effort announced in 2014 that extends back ... Full article
June 19, 2018(0)
Graphics processors increasingly used as hardware accelerators for deep learning applications are also being deployed with the Kubernetes cluster orchestrator as another way to accelerate the scaling of training and inference for deep learning models. The two-front approach includes Nvidia’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) release to developers this week of a Kubernetes on GPU capability aimed at enterprises training models on multi-cloud ... Full article
June 19, 2018(0)
On the heels of an over-subscribed $93M series D funding round announced two weeks ago,  high performance file storage specialist Qumulo today launched a new product series that it says breathes new life into what typically is cold, hard-to-access archival data, making historical data more visible, performant and usable for operational and high performance analytics workloads. Qumulo’s Nearline Archive ... Full article
June 18, 2018(0)
The enterprise embrace of application containers brings with it agility, scaling, rapid response to continuous change and new requirements for securing production workloads in public clouds. As with most infrastructure advances, the scaling of application containers in production is exposing previously unforeseen consequences, especially security risks. Among them, according to research by cloud security specialist Lacework, are an explosion ... Full article
June 15, 2018(0)
The shift to cloud-native applications and services brings with it a new set of monitoring and security challenges as early adopters of application containers, micro-services and serverless computing struggle to gain a comprehensive view of their cloud infrastructure. Growing requirements for cloud management—especially in hybrid clouds—is forging partnerships among public cloud and “cloud-native intelligence” vendors offering tools designed to ... Full article

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