Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Friday, November 17, 2017
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Disruptive Technologies in Energy & Life Sciences

Disruptive Technologies CoverWhat makes a game changer? This report seeks to answer that question by digging deep into the disruptive trends of two specific industries. Disruptions big enough to change an industry usually don't happen overnight and many times are not new at all, but scale familiar concepts to new heights, forcing major players to keep pace just to remain competitive, Join us as we take an in-depth look at how two very different industries are utilizing similar technologies in high-end computing to stay in the race.

This 49-page in-depth report covers:

  • A close-up look into energy technologies from smart grids to wind and solar power
  • Life sciences and healthcare developments including big data, genome sequencing, and the Internet of Things
  • Industry forecasts

…and more!

Produced by Tabor Custom Publishing and co-sponsored by Altair, Bright Computing, EMC, Numascale, and Platfora. Download this complimentary report now!

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