Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Sunday, February 24, 2019
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You Already Asked Me That!: Pre-Trained AI Answers Employee Questions – Over and Over and….

You Already Asked Me That!: Pre-Trained AI Answers Employee Questions – O...

Out of the box, AI is a tabula rasa, unknowing as a babe unborn. Only after laborious ...

Arm Unveils Neoverse Platforms for Cloud-to-Edge Computing

Arm Unveils Neoverse Platforms for Cloud-to-Edge Computing

Following on its Neoverse roadmap announcement last October, Arm today revealed its next-gen Neoverse microarchitecture with compute ...

Transforming Your IT ‘Home’ while Preserving Legacy Investments

Transforming Your IT ‘Home’ while Preserving Legacy Investments

Sooner or later, every home needs updating.  Styles come and go, needs evolve, core attributes come to ...

What Will IBM’s AI Debater Learn from Its Loss?

What Will IBM’s AI Debater Learn from Its Loss?

The utility of IBM’s latest man-versus-machine gambit is debatable. At the very least its Project Debater got us ...

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Arm guiding the way to the future of HPC

If you come to a fork in the road, take it. – Yogi Berra

The HPC community used to enjoy the benefits of silicon design, but that has laid dormant for over a decade as commodity parts continued to outpace alternative ideas due to Moore’s Law and Dennard scaling. During that time, we had to accept what was being offered and make the best of it for our uses as one architecture dominated the landscape.  We are entering a time of renewed opportunity for variety in the data center.

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Out of the box, AI is a tabula rasa, unknowing as a babe unborn. Only after laborious and data-intensive training by data scientists can AI do anything. But what if AI came pre-loaded with specialized knowledge covering 60 or 70 percent of the training and development needed for its assigned task? That’s the idea behind Espressive, Inc.'s natural language ... Full article
As enterprise demand grows for cloud-native and container-based developer tools, established players are beginning to snap up startups spawned by the transition to micro-services and application containers. The latest example comes from DevOps vendor JFrog, which this week announced its acquisition of Shippable, the Seattle-based startup founded in 2013 that specializes in accelerated code development and delivery of enterprise ... Full article
Following on its Neoverse roadmap announcement last October, Arm today revealed its next-gen Neoverse microarchitecture with compute and throughput-optimized silicon designs catered to general-purpose cloud and edge computing. The Arm Neoverse N1 platform, the first built on the 7nm “Ares” core, scales up to 128 cores and delivers a 2.5x performance improvement on key cloud workloads, according to Arm. ... Full article
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If there was any doubt about the shift to cloud computing, look no further than end-of-the-year revenue totals compiled by Synergy Research Group. The market watcher calculates that cloud providers racked up nearly $70 billion in infrastructure revenues during 2018. That revenue total was driven by a 45 percent jump in cloud infrastructure spending during the most recent fourth ... Full article
Sooner or later, every home needs updating.  Styles come and go, needs evolve, core attributes come to the end of their lifecycle. But tearing down the house, or taking it back to the studs, usually isn’t the right approach.  This may be because of the expense involved, but more often, the owner determines a complete overhaul isn’t required.  In ... Full article
Scientists are raising red flags about the accuracy and reproducibility of conclusions drawn by machine learning frameworks. Among the remedies are developing new ML systems that can question their own predictions, show their work and reproduce results. Concerns about the efficacy of early machine learning predictions in disciplines ranging from astronomy to medicine were noted by Rice University statistician ... Full article
The utility of IBM’s latest man-versus-machine gambit is debatable. At the very least its Project Debater got us thinking about the potential uses of artificial intelligence as a way of helping humans sift through all the noise, to make sense of information, misinformation and, increasingly via the hijacking of social media, disinformation. There have been other (fictional) debates between humans ... Full article
The demands of training soldiers and pilots, a domain that is gradually incorporating AI-enabled technologies, has heightened the U.S. military’s need for far greater computing power. Hence, the Pentagon’s top research office is turning to HPC technologies to power souped-up simulators that could provide a far more realistic view of an increasingly electronic battlefield. The Defense Advanced Research Projects ... Full article
IBM continued to make inroads into the big bank sector, announcing this morning at its annual Think conference in San Francisco that Banco Santander, the fifth largest bank in Europe with approximately US$1.4 trillion in total assets (as of 2017), has signed a $700 million, five-year global technology digital transformation agreement focused around implementing the bank’s hybrid cloud strategy. ... Full article
As IBM kicked off its annual Think conference, a high-production extravaganza this week in San Francisco, the company this morning made a series of AI-related announcements, including the merging of its PowerAI integrated CPU-GPU server line with its cognitive computing flagship IBM Watson, to create what it calls the Watson Machine Learning Accelerator (WML Accelerator), which Big Blue claims ... Full article
A Trump administration AI initiative would prioritize federal R&D investments in machine intelligence as a way boosting U.S. economic and national security. The “American AI Initiative” launched via executive order on Monday (Feb. 11) seeks to align early AI investments by science and technology agencies, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), ... Full article
Addressing the growing unease over the prospect of AI taking jobs from humans, the National Science Foundation is soliciting proposals for how machines and workers can collaborate in ways that allow technology to augment the human workforce and ultimately boost productivity. The NSF program, “Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier,” is part of broader agency effort launched in ... Full article
The coming of 5G was one of the main themes at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Computerworld went so far as to say CES 2019 was “all about 5G,” reporting that every industry vertical was there to demonstrate how cloud, machine learning and IoT would combine use 5G to revolutionize operations. But because it’s a mobile network technology, 5G ... Full article
For now, AI systems are mostly machine learning-based and “narrow” – powerful as they are by today's standards, they're limited to performing a few, narrowly-defined tasks. AI of the next decade will leverage the greater power of deep learning and become broader, solving a greater array of more complex problems.  In addition, the general-purpose technologies used today for AI ... Full article
The financial services sector tends to be a bellwether for early adoption of disruptive technologies. For example, financial services giant Goldman Sachs played a key role in forging an application container specification in 2015 as the transformative framework was just gathering momentum. A new study commissioned by software vendor Canonical and released this week finds that the financial services sector ... Full article
In enterprise AI, C3 (formerly C3 IoT) is amassing an impressive and seemingly unmatched record, one that the company has extended with its latest win, the expansion of a five-year engagement with Enel, Europe’s largest power utility, to encompass nearly 50 million smart meters in homes and businesses. This follows C3 contract wins last year with Royal Dutch Shell, ... Full article
APIs, application programming interfaces, have emerged as the mortar that binds the bricks of enterprise IT. Hence, calls for greater API standardization grow louder as companies step up development of agile microservices. The latest evidence comes from a survey of software developers released this week by software development tool vendor SmartBear. The survey of more than 3,000 software developers ... Full article
Cloud computing has evolved to the point where most enterprises have, to one degree or another, deployed cloud workloads. Our 2018 Cloud Survey found 70 percent of over 900 IT professionals use cloud services. But as enterprises see the benefits – namely business continuity, IT efficiency, elasticity and the pay-as-you-go billing model – business challenges remain. According to the ... Full article
Among the leading “cloud-native” technologies is the Kubernetes container scheduler. Red Hat said this week it has gone a step further down the cloud-native path with the release of a “Kubernetes-native” development environment designed to make collaboration easier for cloud application developers. Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) said its Kubernetes-native, browser-based development environment dubbed CodeReady Workspaces would allow enterprise development ... Full article
Among the IT plumbing being automated is the painstaking review of software code via machine learning tools designed to scan source code for inconsistencies while suggesting fixes that promise to speed the review process, thereby getting software updates out the door faster. The Lookout tool released by code analysis specialist source{d} leverages machine learning to model coding “style” based on reviews ... Full article
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Just in time for the holidays, cloud rivals are fighting like cats and dogs over one of the biggest ever federal IT contracts. The ...
INDIANAPOLIS & BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 22, 2019 -- Scale Computing, a market leader in edge computing, virtualization and hyperconverged solutions today announced the availability ...
SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 27, 2018 -- DataDirect Networks (DDN), a market leader of at-scale storage solutions, today announced a new collaboration with Council ...
With its acquisition by IBM not expected to close until the second half of 2019, Red Hat continues to snap up cloud startups as ...
SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 27, 2018 -- Cloudian, a leading provider of enterprise object storage systems, today announced that the Utah Department of Technology ...
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